29 september 2010

Student rep

I just went to my first student council meeting as the student respresentative of human rights studies. Very interesting and good free lunch! As a student I've come to appreciate anything that is free, but I have also learned that nothing in life is free. Dilemma...
Either way, we brought up the issue of space in classrooms, not everyone is able to see the projector... So hopefully we'll be able to change room or change the position of the projector.

I need to emphasize again how beautiful the autumn can be, especially when the sun makes a surprise visit...
Outside teologicvm

Our beautiful library dressed in autumn's
wonderful colours!
I inaugurated my find from Linköping today. Black high-waisted calf-long skirt and my oversized knitted jumper that ends at the waist. I also decided that it was time to wear heals again, I have become a bit lazy lately... So my old pink pumps got a walk in the sun...

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