06 september 2010

"Sittning" and work

Saturday all of us "novischer", who are new at Lund Uni, had a big dinner at one of the societies in Lund. Lots of singing, drinking and talking! Food wasn't that great but the alcohol was the better, and best was probably the alcohol intake! I behaved quite well, I'm going to have to practice drinking if I'm to survive in the student life! This is just not up to standards... Although! It is very cheap and that's something you don't turn down as a student! And the hang over is about as desirable as herpes. I keep saying it, I'm getting old...
The night in images
They say 'never discuss politics at a party' but that's what Marcus (blondie) and I did for a more-part of the night and it went really well. Considering then that I am middle-right and he is left the discussion was very interesting and rather successful, we just concluded that it's very difficult to solve all the problems for everyone. Someone is always left behind... Just to be clear, I might be 'swedish right' but this is in general pretty left still, compared to nations like the US.

Today I went to Helsingborg to become introduced to my new job at Wallmans dinnershow. Seems quite interesting, working three-course dinners with a dinnershow, I'll be wearing tight white jeans, a colourful shirt and gold sneakers. My sense of fashion almost had a heart-attack! I think I'll have loads of fun despite the outfit or even together with it. First night on Friday so wish me luck!

I have to continue studying now. I forgot how to study, but it's slowly coming back to me. It would be nice if my study skills could find my concentration also, it seems to go for wanders every 15 minutes....

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