03 september 2010


What a day! I'm almost out of words! But just almost....
Had my first lecture today with Lena Halldenius, docent in HR (human rights). Very basic and easy to understand, made me really excited to learn more and explore this subject deeper. I definitely feel I chose the right program. Quite a philosophic beginning, as well as the history of human rights.
Article 1:
All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

It's quite a bold statement that we all possess a sense of reason and conscience. It is not as straight forward as it may seem... I will not bore you with this though! On to the afternoon activities!
First lunch with Patrick Westöö who I met in Australia first, two years later at my graduation and 2 years later at lunch in Lund. Seemed like yesterday! Times does go fast....
I went on to meet my classmates and other students to have a bit of a competition/game. We got a mission to complete, several questions and tasks. Ran around Lund all evening, took a swim in a fountain, climbed a statue in the square and harassed a number of university staff. Loads of fun! We finished with a relay-race where we had a piece of sweets attached to a string hanging off our hips and should swing it into our mouth, easier said than done! We managed to come second place... Not completely satisfied. But we did really well and very pleased with all the people I met! My group, the red team, group 3 was the best team!!
Vi är stora, vi är röda, 
dom andra lagen, dom är körda!
tre, tre, tre!!

Mum and Sven drove here, 600 k's, from Eskilstuna, arrived quite late cause of traffic. I now have a light in the ceiling! Wohoo, I can see! And guess what I saw?! Here's the story... When I moved in I had two free riders in one of the boxes. I (very proud) managed to pull the box outside the door to give the two little (by little I mean massive!) black, 8-legged creatures a chance to crawl out into survival. When Fynn came he discovered that the little devils had gotten the message and crawled back to the hell-hole they came from. Until.....! Yes, indeed. Tonight. Found one on the ceiling and not to be surprised the other one was not far away. They were again transported out of the apartment, squashed under a shoe. Muhahahah! Don't mess with the arachnophobic........

I shall go to bed in my seemingly spider-proof flat, night!

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