13 september 2010


As autumn seems to have jumped us, taking me totally by surprise, I felt a bit lost going from summer trends to fall -10. After some research I feel reassured that I'm not completely out of fashion. I can't wait for my long skirt which mum has worked on (why buy one when you have an awesome mother?) I wish I had a sowing machine and could start creating myself!
 I'm glad to have invested in a pair of gloves, not very warm though, so I guess I'll have to get another pair, more functional. I think it's time to start using jeans again so I've decided to stop being lazy in leggings and go jeans hunting, even though it is the worst kind of shopping. Have your thighs and hips ever  felt as big as they do when you try on jeans?! It's female torture.... I think I just changed my mind...
 I'm still struggling with fashion versus environment. Can you be both fashionable and eco-friendly? I believe you can! As long as you shop second-hand, try to stay away from the biggest chains, and perhaps even start sowing some by yourself... I found out that my student society has sowing evenings, perhaps I can get a free ride of their sowing machine?!

Oh CSN please come to me, I promise you don't have to be in my account for long!

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