28 februari 2013

Kimberley Film Festival

Yesterday a few of us met up at Hyde Park for the Kimberley film festival organised by the Wilderness Society. The films were all from the Kimberley area and showed its natural beauty and the process the community has been through trying to protect it. The land is absolutely amazing, I really want to go up there! I just keep being in awe of how Woodside can be allowed to set up a gas hub in this area!

Kärlek <3

25 februari 2013


Sunday was the Concert for the Kimberley with Ball Park Music, Missy Higgins and John Butler Trio. Barnett, the environmental minister in WA wants to develop the Kimberley area for gas extraction. (visit wilderness.org.au for more information) This was our protest and oh did we make our voices heard! 20,000 people showed up to show their support!

Hands up for the Kimberley!

Afterparty for the crew. Thanks to the Norfolk for hosting! Thanks Will for the sweet dance moves ;)

Thanks to everyone who made this possible and to everyone who came along to support the Kimberley

23 februari 2013

Pretty in Pastel

Bike mash-up no 2! EPIC! The weather was awful to start with (again, what's up with this?!) but cleared up and it became a gorgeous evening albeit slightly cold. Theme this time was pretty in pastel so I was pretty in my pastel outfit but a bit chilly....

It's handy to have a man around sometimes....
I'll let the photos speak for themselves....

Awesome slipe and slide. Cred to all you guys who got naked! Especially the girls! Wish I would've been that brave ;)
Thanks to Boom Box Bike and the team for organising this amazing event!

22 februari 2013

Oaktree Foundation

So uni is back but who cares there is so many other fun things going on!

I'm going on the Road Trip to End Poverty with the Oaktree Foundation and we had our first training Saturday. There are so many awesome people so I'm really excited about this!
I'm also volunteering with the Wilderness Society WA and we're organising a free concert on Sunday with John Butler Trio, Missy Higgins and Ball Park Music, should be absolutely fantastic!
Support the Kimberley by writing KIM on your hand and posting a photo on twitter/instagram #concertforthekimberley or post it to JBT's facebook page! Let's not ruin one of the most pristine and precious wilderness areas left in the world!

Apart from this I've been busy studying (a little), running (a little) and sleeping (very little). It's just too damn hot to sleep! I've also managed to get a job at a new café in Freo called Chalkys, absolutely awesome! I'm pretty sure Passenger was in today but I didn't react cause I didn't realise he was in Perth already but he is!! Ah, silly me, can't wait to see him again at the end of March!

A couple of photos from around the house:
Cutest house on the block!
Now I'm off to another bike mash up - Pretty in Pastel! And we've gone ALL PASTEL OUT! Should be wicked fun!Last time I met some pretty amazing people, one being my current flat mate, so I have pretty high expectations this time....
Only photo I can find from the last one:

Have a great weekend folks!

13 februari 2013

Fringe Festival

I love when there are lots of things going on in Perth! We've been hanging out quite a bit at the Fringe Festival, going to different shows and just having a drink at the beer garden. Pretty good life. I'm slowly getting out of my jetlag. No more putting cummin spice in my coffee..... It's been three days of 40+ degrees and I have been struggling. I love the warm weather but when it's too hot to sleep it's simply too hot. Luckily there's been beach activities and cooler evenings at the festival!
We've seen a contemporary dance which was gorgeous, the 100 year celebration of UWA, a music show about heart break which was brilliant and a comedy show called Morgon West. Two spiffing young Brits supposedly from the 19th Century doing lots of magic tricks. Really entertaining!

I've also met some folks who I'll be going on this Road Trip to End Poverty with. I'm excited!

Basket lights. Just casually...
Gorgeous light installment in King's Park

09 februari 2013

I'm back!

Back in beautiful and hot Australia!

Grace picked me up from the airport and cooked me a beautiful meal and served our favourite wine. Can't beat that welcome! We had an early night and I managed to sleep well until 6 am when I decided to go for a walk by the river. I was very cocky and thought I'd escaped jetlag. Oh how wrong I was...

The second night I spent at Reggie and Caecilie's, again beautiful meal and just relaxing. Went up at 6 again to do the bridges. When I got back at 9 the fatigue hit me. I rested until Ian picked me up, installed myself into my rooma nd went to do some food shopping. I was meeting Ian in the city to go to a contemporary dance show, the opening of Perth Arts Festival. As soon as the show started it was like my eyes were on strike. I struggled during the entire preformance to keep them open (feeling extremely rude) and even nodded off for a second a couple of times. The performance was gorgeous but I felt horrible.

Before we went home we stopped by at UWA who were celebrating their 100 year birthday with performances, food and drinks and light shows. The final light show at the oval was a joke. I don't know if they were taking the piss or if it was just meant to be like that. However, it was very entertaining which I suppose was the purpose of it!

This morning I woke up late after almost 12 hours of sleep and still feel very tired. My body just doesn't want to function properly. I tried to study to finish my essay but as you can see I'm writing this instead....

The bridges in South Perth
Think it's time to go to the beautiful balcony and enjoy the 35 degrees...
Not a bad view...