29 januari 2011

Sture Alléns Dansorkester

Oh this concert easily reaches top two, right after Laura Marling! I love small intimate concerts where you feel like you get to be part of the gig and not just watch it... 
The guy on the left is awesome and plays, seriously,
like 20 instruments!
Thank you so so so much for inviting me! 
"Sture" you are frickin awesome!!
 After the absolutely wicked concert we stayed and got down and dirty for a while....

Now I'm going to prepare to go get my sweetie from the train station. I have prepared some surprises for him...
Have a great saturday night, I'm sure planning to!

The End of the Line

I've been a vegetarian for a year now. I've said that I allow myself to eat fish and seafood but I've questioned this decision for several months. The ocean is suffering from our over fishing, we are eliminating species and changing the natural habitat and ruining entire ecosystems. Not only that, but we are ruining the life of so many fishermen in the poor countries where entire villages depend on fish for survival. The big fisheries drain the ocean of fish leaving nothing for the people who actually need it. How can politicians stand by and watch this happen? How can we stand by and watch this happen? The hardest thing for me will probably be to give up sushi. I love sushi! Luckily they have vegetarian sushi, which will have to do until our oceans are recovered. They will recover. So many people are fighting for it and people are becoming more aware, the tide will turn.
Become aware!
There are some basic things you can easily do to make a difference:

  • Watch out for the MSC marking. Marine Stewardship Council, it cerifies sustainable fishing.

  • Cut down on the amount of fish you eat. Consumer habits need to change.
  • Don't eat farmed fish.
  • Send an occasional message to the government encouraging them to set real sustainable standards for fishing and not succoumb to the large multinational companies whose only interest lies in money.
  • Walk out from restaurants who serve shark fin soup (watch sharkwater!!) and other endangered species.
One person can achieve a little, together we can achieve a lot.

28 januari 2011

Who killed the electric car?

is the name of the documentary I just watched. Very interesting, makes me want to kill the big oil and car companies even more... As if I didn't already hate them. Turns out, surprise surprise, that the people who killed the mandate to bring in electric cars in California also had powerful positions within car companies fighting against the motion and the hydrogen fuel cell bla bla bla... I recommend this film so much! and I urge anyone who is looking to purchase a new car to look into hybrid electric cars or preferably a fully electric driven car. As proven the technology exists, and it existed 15 years ago...
It irritates me so much that they are putting so much money into hydrogen fuel research when scientists are aware of the difficulty to store hydrogen and the limited resources, at the moment CERN in Switzerland has the biggest hydrogen tank and stands for a vast majority of the usage of the existing hydrogen. The research is just carried out to satisfy the need for research programme into fuels of the future. Well, hydrogen doesn't belong in this category...

Moving on to more fun things.... I thought I would have a quite night but as it turns out Sture Alléns is playing at Babel in Malmö! WOOOOO!! This old classic is called Lita på mig, (trust me).

Have a good night everyone!

27 januari 2011

Mixture of matters

So we were too late for the pub quiz yesterday, I had my 15 minutes of grumping (being bitter and grumpy) before we went to Annika met up with Alex and sat down at Krischans pub, enjoyed wine and beer and the night went on filled with conversations about the problems of our nations, occasionally Denmark also came in to the picture... For some reason the subjects of convo always turns to politics, education and the government whenever Marcus is with us... The evening was enjoyed in a spirit of respect, laughter and sufficient seriousness, it was all very friendly
most of the time....

On another not completely unrelated subject, that is politics and fun, check this out:http://satwcomic.com/judgement-day

Wednesday one of the crew of Sea Shepherds swan intot he cove when the banger boats came in with a pod of dolphins, it raised all hell, but it's not illegal! Yet... They keep the slaughtering going strong, please send an occasional email or an occasional call to an embassy. This contact form (Japanese minister of fisheries) takes literally one minute to complete  https://www.contact.maff.go.jp/maff/form/114e.html 
If you feel like a little cry you can always watch The Cove or Sharkwater...

The analysis, The Future of Sharks: A Review of Action and Inaction (PDF, 1.1 MB), uses fisheries information provided to the UN FAO to identify the top 20 shark-catching countries and other entities, and then assesses whether they have taken the management and conservation measures they agreed to in 2001. 

Which, I'm sure you understand, they are no where near to achieve. I don't really think they've even tried, the agreement looks good internationally so until there's an outcry it's enough for them. Well, hopefully the outcry is beginning...
Interesting fact: More people are killed by falling vending machines than by sharks...

Why can't I spend as much time studying for my university degree as I do with these things?

26 januari 2011

Pizzacake anyone?

Last night I was reminiscing a time of love, laughter, fashion flips and flops, late nights, wonderful people and amazing times... Paris indeed. Such a turbulent time but so fond memories... A shout out to all of you lovelies, I frickin miss you!
Every morning Julia and I had a cup of instant
coffee and milk before climbing the stairs of
My girl Jules
One of all the parks with my wonderful girls!
Crazy Canadian <3
First night out haha...
Pretty damn good times... I think we've done really well with the reunions so far but there sure is need for another one soon...

Back to Lund and today, or rather yesterday, Lone's birthday! Hip hip hurra! We explored the possibility of pizza and cake but into one and this is the result. 
 I'm no great pizza fan but it was a fun thing to try...

 I was glad I had cycled there and back....
T'was an interesting night, lots of fun and talks of man points. Basically just being rude, judgemental, inconsiderate, lazy you know, act like a man... Didn't fully understand the concept, but it sure scored some laughs!

I watched the stylists, new show with Sofi Fahrman and others, wasn't too impressed with the first task, create something fun with boring all black leggings and a top. Couldn't help but jump into my wardrobe and tear out some accessories... Think I did alright, I very often wear black and accessorize it though... Paris also made my fingers itch to go shopping, strut my stuff down St Michel, Ah, I miss Paris!
Very dark, but to my defence it was late
Can't wait for spring, when you don't have to think practically! Yesterday I looked like a frickin snowman after cycling to Lone's house, with my make up basically dripping off my face... Lets just say I looked stunning.

I should probably do some studying before Marcus comes by and we'll have a jam day... Doesn't quite sound as cool as a jam night...

24 januari 2011

Food inc.

I'm back on documentaries... It's addictive, you see one you just crave another, and another, and another...
Food inc was the latest one I watched, it's about the food culture and regulations in America. Shocking! 
I can definitely recommend it, it poses interesting questions about where, how and when are food is produced. It also reveals the widespread corruption within the government and the big companies. Only four meat packing businesses controls over 80% of the entire market... Scary really. In average the food travels 1500 miles to the food stores... That, my friends, stands for a lot of the greenhouse emissions... I know Sweden isn't as bad, but it really gets to me how they treat the animals, makes me wonder what is hidden behind the fancy commercials where the cow has 2 acres of fields to calmly graze. Maybe Sweden is as bad, just in a smaller scale... In America is sure wasn't pretty. I know I'm sensitive but dude, tears, lots of tears...
Casually picking up the chickens who've been trodded
to death or simply died from organ failure since they
have been genetically modified to grow faster,
causing organs to fail because they can't grow in the same
pace and their legs can't carry them for more than a
few steps. All for us to be able to enjoy a cheese burger...
Oh I could write essays about this, but I'm just going to say watch it. If you want to know more you can visit their website here.

22 januari 2011

The Sweetest Thing

Relapse... Annika is bad influence! We went shopping yesterday, again... I came home with this dress half price from Stockh lm. You always need another dress don't you?
 I learned to play twinkle twinkle little star on the piano! My first song on my road to learning the piano... Then Annika came by and we got drunk and watched the sweetest thing and bring it on... Total girls night, drunk-watching these films is great, add some dirty talk and you have a recipe for an awesome night... Just make sure you keep your phone away from you so you don't send rude texts to your boyfriend... Not that that happened last night!
I'm sexy, I'm cute, I'm popular to boot!
I'm bitchin', great hair, the boys all love to stare!
Oh the teenage memories...
On a more serious note. I read that Quantas, the aussie airline, is researching the possibility of bio fuels. Together with other airlines in the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group, they are wanting to try biofuel on flights, with the prospect of reducing carbon emission significantly. A biofuel plant is being considered close to Sydney Airport and potential sources of waste are food scraps, packaging and tree cuttings. Hmm, tre cuttings? Not so sure about that but it's a promising start... Go bio go!

21 januari 2011

Today I was up with the roosters, as we say in Sweden. Went to yoga this morning, very nice indeed but I think my muscles wondered what the frick I was doing, they were not very helpful until the deep relaxation...

Yesterday was a very nice day, the sun made a surprise visit all day blessing us with warmth and much needed vitamin D. I met up with Annika and Hanna for lunch at Lunds nation, food was quite nice but unlike Helsingkrona there was no dessert with the coffee. I like dessert. However, with all the chocolate I've been munching on I don't need dessert...
We then strolled around town, bought some flowers for our new rooms, I embarrassed myself at a technique store and did some food shopping before heading home. After a nice session of, have a guess... yoga! I met up with Annabel to attend Pub Retroar at Sydskånskan. Annika and Annabel's friend Kajsa also joined us. I completely missed the music because of relations and prostitution talks. T'was a wonderful evening.
I've finally unpacked all my clothes in
my new wardrobe now. Found my
lovely vintage skirt, perfect for the
spring weather!
Sun where art thou? Me missing you lots...

19 januari 2011

Back to the future

So we're back to our way forwards, our studies, our prospects and dreams, raise your glass (whats with too school for cool?! come on...) if you're too feeling the pressure! I shouldn't say I'm stressed, although I am. Our new course introduction kind of wound me up, made me feel like I'm attached to an object by an inclined plane wrapped helically around an axis. Yes, I mean screwed. I admit I might have watched a little too much Big Bang Theory... It's my new HIMYM... Wow that sounds pathetic... So yoga! I do yoga also, poweryoga, since I've been ill for ages and ages, oh the times when the nose didn't flow like fontana di trevi, I have started doing yoga until I feel well enough for other forms of exercise. It's very calming despite the monstrous number of participants, as I'm starting to learn how to shut noises out. It's practical in other sections of life as well, like studying, which I will have to do a lot by the sounds of it...

I will leave you all with an interesting thought: the latest issue of Vetenskapens Värld (world of science, own translation) pointed out the very real threat of cattle to our planet. By the estimates of it, year 2050 it will stand for 70% of the carbon emissions if we continue the increase in consumption... 2006 it was 14% of the world's emissions... And that's why I'm a vegetarian. I'm also trying not to eat fish as in a couple of decades we probably won't be able to eat wild fish since there won't be any fish left in the oceans... I won't be able to eat anything soon... Doesn't the future look bright?

Oh, and also, the rare metals in all your iphones will run out in a few decades (if we're lucky) and also the life-span of these metals are about a year and a half... No wonder everythings breaks just after the insurance expired...

and with the negativity flowing I shall listen to Chains by Tina Arena, dance around the apartment and finally unpack the last of my many clothes bought because of shrewd marketing schemes and unhealthy habits...

17 januari 2011

Itsy bitsy spider

Itsy Bitsy Spider: Based on a true story

itsy bitsy spider crawled behind the bed
down came the panic and Maddie rushed away
home came Lisa as frightened as her friend
itsy bitsy spider didn't want to stay


itsy bitsy spider crawled up the wall instead
Madeleine and Lisa didn't dare to stay
Random dude in hallway vacuumed the spider out
itsy bitsy spider may you rest in peace

What's the odds of two girls who both border on having arachnophobia end up as room mate? I guess pretty good cause yesterday involved a lot of high pitch screaming, crying, nervous giggling and running. After an hour of this we decided to try a neighbour despite the late hour. Luckily for us a guy just came home, or came to visit someone, and he seemed very amused by the whole scenario. I don't blame him...

Pathetic really...

15 januari 2011


After a very pleasant evening celebrating the end of the last exam I slipped into my christmas present from my boyfriend. 
I love them!
So after one week of exam Im also back to work! Weeii, eurovision all night long! i'm looking forward to seeing all my colleagues again, and despite my mediocre liking of the music I always enjoy it. I have very talented colleagues!
Hello, Im your waitress for the evening...
Enjoy your saturday night all of you who aren't working!

14 januari 2011

Done, finished, it's over.

So the last exam of the term is done! The stupid thing with the swedish system is that on Monday the new term starts, leaving us with a christmas break meant for studying... Anyway, it's nice to be done, heavens I thought I'd never get here... Being ill, still not well, so annoying but that's not why. My small cute pink laptop is in for reparation so Im on my big laptop, about six years old now, works perfectly fine considering its golden age. However, it's been a little tricky lately and yesterday word decided to break down, losing me half a days worth of work, that is almost half of the essay... I was in a rather panicked state, and this happened right before lunch so I was hungry... Well, you can imagine what that did to my mood, not to mention pms... Lets just say i was not happy. I probably spent two hours together with Sven trying to recover my work. The future didn't look bright, I was considering leaving uni (drama queen) and just as I was going to start all over again I found almost all of it in some weird file... Whatever, I'm done, I'm satisfied, I'm happy.
 I met up with Annika to look for some boxes as my wardrobe is only covered by a small mirror, so I need a system that makes it presentable. This jacket is probably as old as my laptop but I love it!
 Make a run for it down to Hemtex, amazing sales on, better get there before they go bankrupt... Too bad, I really like Hemtex...
 My handsome boyfriend, whom I miss very much is standing next to my bed in my newly painted fram, I quite like how it turned out, amateur-like and retro, just like I want it...
I've been looking at this dress every time I go in to the shop, well all two times, and now it was on sale so I went for it... I actually like it more from the side and back than the front but it's growing on me. I decided it was my woo-I-finished-my-exam-present! I could also justify it with a present for being ill over a week now. My normal approach of completely ignoring it hasn't worked...

Well, dinner and sober exam party! It's going to be wild...!

11 januari 2011

Madeleine the Builder

I've got a wardrobe! And not just any wardrobe but the best kind... Free!!
And I had amazing luck and help to move it, what would girls do without boys to carry out their dirty work?

Anyway, Marcus and I collaborated nicely and managed to get this giant wardrobe back in its complete state, couple of a screws missing here and there, nothing I worry too much about... The colossal is, however, placed close to my bed so maybe I should worry...? Naah. I trust my building skills...

Got our home exam today. I'm screwed. I'm so stupendously screwed that I don't really care. Tomorrow I am planning on starting to care and begin unscrewing myself by actually reading the book that I have sofar ignored very succcessfully. Let's just hope I manage to acknowledge its existence and befriend it enough to pull off the question based on the bloody book. My own fault really...

Oh I'm selling my Jimmy Choo's by H&M, interested or know someone interested please let me know. They're eu size 39:

04 januari 2011

The Broken Castle

Fynn and I have been into a good routine of 2 hours of work in the morning and activities in the afternoon. Yesterday we visited the Loch Ness, no I didn't see a monster, the Uruqhart Castle and Inverness.
It was windy!
The broken castle

Fynn's sister Claire
Loch Ness
Fynn and Claire nearly blowing away

Take one
Take two
When we'd had enough of wind and castle we drove into Inverness, got a little lost in the city and went on to watch Harry Potter! Yay, finally! It was really good I thought, it was a shame that we were right in the front though... Surprised they're allowed to have seats that close to the screen. But it was still a good film.

On our way home we made a stop at Aaron's, Fynn's brother, to have dinner, poor guy ruins the first stew by accidently pouring in about 100 ml of salt... Was beyond saving, so he had to start over, meanwhile we stuffed our faces with crisps, not a great idea. All in all it was a great day! 

02 januari 2011

Happy New Year

to all my lovely friends and family!

Celebrating new years is always a little overrated, but this new year was the best one I've had so far!
I arrived in the morning and whilst waiting to get through passport control I locked eyes with this girl whom I really recognised, she mimics "Maddie?" and I realised it was her! Lucy, an Australian girl, who I met in Thailand doing my voluntary work. So random. She was going to spend New Years in Edinburgh at an annual festival. Fynn and I travelled up to Kingussie, had a nap before we got ready to go to the party.
Fynn's room mate and close friend Al's parents celebrated 25 years of marrige and their daughter's 21st. It was a great party with good food, awesome people, lots of dancing and games and fireworks. I got to experience my first Ceilidh dance, Scottish dancing, so much fun! Funniest was probably mine and Liam's freestyle in Gay Gordons!

Blow Football

Blow football is probably the funniest game I've watched! You're supposed to get a ping pong pall over the first line only using your lungs, you could tell that the older generations had had lots of experience in this games, they were very synchronised! Old lungs beat the young ones!
We stayed over and in the morning almost everyone (not me, I'm a wuss...) went for a dip in the lake, first dip of the year, crazy people...

Today we've actually done quite a bit of studying before we went to Ruthven Barracks and had a walk amongst the cows and the sheep. For a moment I thought I would have to outrun a bull, it's quite unnerving how they stand and stare at you...
Just finished cutting my boyfriend's hair =P

Right, dinner time!