29 januari 2011

The End of the Line

I've been a vegetarian for a year now. I've said that I allow myself to eat fish and seafood but I've questioned this decision for several months. The ocean is suffering from our over fishing, we are eliminating species and changing the natural habitat and ruining entire ecosystems. Not only that, but we are ruining the life of so many fishermen in the poor countries where entire villages depend on fish for survival. The big fisheries drain the ocean of fish leaving nothing for the people who actually need it. How can politicians stand by and watch this happen? How can we stand by and watch this happen? The hardest thing for me will probably be to give up sushi. I love sushi! Luckily they have vegetarian sushi, which will have to do until our oceans are recovered. They will recover. So many people are fighting for it and people are becoming more aware, the tide will turn.
Become aware!
There are some basic things you can easily do to make a difference:

  • Watch out for the MSC marking. Marine Stewardship Council, it cerifies sustainable fishing.

  • Cut down on the amount of fish you eat. Consumer habits need to change.
  • Don't eat farmed fish.
  • Send an occasional message to the government encouraging them to set real sustainable standards for fishing and not succoumb to the large multinational companies whose only interest lies in money.
  • Walk out from restaurants who serve shark fin soup (watch sharkwater!!) and other endangered species.
One person can achieve a little, together we can achieve a lot.

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