22 januari 2011

The Sweetest Thing

Relapse... Annika is bad influence! We went shopping yesterday, again... I came home with this dress half price from Stockh lm. You always need another dress don't you?
 I learned to play twinkle twinkle little star on the piano! My first song on my road to learning the piano... Then Annika came by and we got drunk and watched the sweetest thing and bring it on... Total girls night, drunk-watching these films is great, add some dirty talk and you have a recipe for an awesome night... Just make sure you keep your phone away from you so you don't send rude texts to your boyfriend... Not that that happened last night!
I'm sexy, I'm cute, I'm popular to boot!
I'm bitchin', great hair, the boys all love to stare!
Oh the teenage memories...
On a more serious note. I read that Quantas, the aussie airline, is researching the possibility of bio fuels. Together with other airlines in the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group, they are wanting to try biofuel on flights, with the prospect of reducing carbon emission significantly. A biofuel plant is being considered close to Sydney Airport and potential sources of waste are food scraps, packaging and tree cuttings. Hmm, tre cuttings? Not so sure about that but it's a promising start... Go bio go!

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