14 januari 2011

Done, finished, it's over.

So the last exam of the term is done! The stupid thing with the swedish system is that on Monday the new term starts, leaving us with a christmas break meant for studying... Anyway, it's nice to be done, heavens I thought I'd never get here... Being ill, still not well, so annoying but that's not why. My small cute pink laptop is in for reparation so Im on my big laptop, about six years old now, works perfectly fine considering its golden age. However, it's been a little tricky lately and yesterday word decided to break down, losing me half a days worth of work, that is almost half of the essay... I was in a rather panicked state, and this happened right before lunch so I was hungry... Well, you can imagine what that did to my mood, not to mention pms... Lets just say i was not happy. I probably spent two hours together with Sven trying to recover my work. The future didn't look bright, I was considering leaving uni (drama queen) and just as I was going to start all over again I found almost all of it in some weird file... Whatever, I'm done, I'm satisfied, I'm happy.
 I met up with Annika to look for some boxes as my wardrobe is only covered by a small mirror, so I need a system that makes it presentable. This jacket is probably as old as my laptop but I love it!
 Make a run for it down to Hemtex, amazing sales on, better get there before they go bankrupt... Too bad, I really like Hemtex...
 My handsome boyfriend, whom I miss very much is standing next to my bed in my newly painted fram, I quite like how it turned out, amateur-like and retro, just like I want it...
I've been looking at this dress every time I go in to the shop, well all two times, and now it was on sale so I went for it... I actually like it more from the side and back than the front but it's growing on me. I decided it was my woo-I-finished-my-exam-present! I could also justify it with a present for being ill over a week now. My normal approach of completely ignoring it hasn't worked...

Well, dinner and sober exam party! It's going to be wild...!

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