02 januari 2011

Happy New Year

to all my lovely friends and family!

Celebrating new years is always a little overrated, but this new year was the best one I've had so far!
I arrived in the morning and whilst waiting to get through passport control I locked eyes with this girl whom I really recognised, she mimics "Maddie?" and I realised it was her! Lucy, an Australian girl, who I met in Thailand doing my voluntary work. So random. She was going to spend New Years in Edinburgh at an annual festival. Fynn and I travelled up to Kingussie, had a nap before we got ready to go to the party.
Fynn's room mate and close friend Al's parents celebrated 25 years of marrige and their daughter's 21st. It was a great party with good food, awesome people, lots of dancing and games and fireworks. I got to experience my first Ceilidh dance, Scottish dancing, so much fun! Funniest was probably mine and Liam's freestyle in Gay Gordons!

Blow Football

Blow football is probably the funniest game I've watched! You're supposed to get a ping pong pall over the first line only using your lungs, you could tell that the older generations had had lots of experience in this games, they were very synchronised! Old lungs beat the young ones!
We stayed over and in the morning almost everyone (not me, I'm a wuss...) went for a dip in the lake, first dip of the year, crazy people...

Today we've actually done quite a bit of studying before we went to Ruthven Barracks and had a walk amongst the cows and the sheep. For a moment I thought I would have to outrun a bull, it's quite unnerving how they stand and stare at you...
Just finished cutting my boyfriend's hair =P

Right, dinner time!

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