30 december 2010


I frickin forgot my passport in Lund... HOW DID THIS HAPPEN????! I'm a globetrotter, I fly ALL THE FRICKIN TIME so I the frick could I forget the most important thing???? I'm so frustrated with myself!!
Anyway, I forgot it and fixed it. It wasn't easy though, I almost started thinking I wasn't meant to go... However, my mother is my saving angel, she drove me 45 minutes to V-rås just to find a closed police station, drove me back to Tunatown to eat and make a toilet visit before heading to Skavsta, an hour and a half it took because of the snowstorm that raged first from V-rås home then from home to Nyköping... Weather was not on our side! Finally I got my emergency passport, a pink one (made it a little better) which I paid as much for as the actual tickets... Totally worth it!
Best chai latte at Café Sylvia

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