30 december 2010


I frickin forgot my passport in Lund... HOW DID THIS HAPPEN????! I'm a globetrotter, I fly ALL THE FRICKIN TIME so I the frick could I forget the most important thing???? I'm so frustrated with myself!!
Anyway, I forgot it and fixed it. It wasn't easy though, I almost started thinking I wasn't meant to go... However, my mother is my saving angel, she drove me 45 minutes to V-rås just to find a closed police station, drove me back to Tunatown to eat and make a toilet visit before heading to Skavsta, an hour and a half it took because of the snowstorm that raged first from V-rås home then from home to Nyköping... Weather was not on our side! Finally I got my emergency passport, a pink one (made it a little better) which I paid as much for as the actual tickets... Totally worth it!
Best chai latte at Café Sylvia

28 december 2010

Mellandagsrea = go nuts

Uh, people bother me, sales bother me, people at sales is like a dagger straight through my energy vain... Cheerful no? Right, can't go on like that. But truthfully, people (including myself) become very selfish and introverted when shopping at the sales, that's why it's a negative experience for me and I prefer to stay away. Yet I have failed to do so as my mother has been off and I have needed to buy a few things. So, I find myself elbowing and sighing my way through the crowds yet another year. I managed to buy a paris of shoes for new years:
warm wool socks, a fleece, earrings and this wonderful coat which I found at Ester second-hand boutique
 I also got a pair of knitted gloves to match the dress complementary, gosh, couldn't get any better!

We just visited little Hailey who's grown a little tiny bit bigger already. They already have so many clothes for her! Guess that's what happens when you get a little girl and just before christmas as well...

In three days I will be in the arms of my boyfriend, can't wait!

26 december 2010

Christmas Day

in Sweden is a big chunk of party... But before the party mum and I picked up my extra grandma Ulla and had a nice dinner! Then, we picked up Sofia, sweet stunning Sofia, my precious darling friend whom I love so much! We went to Carl's apartment for a good intimate preparty before going to HåPe's (worst name ever). The best thing about coming home and going out is that you get to meet ALL the people you know, knew, seen, flirted with at a weak moment, used to work with, went to school with, yes, everyone was there yesterday... There was someone extra special there too. Hanna, happy honest hot Hanna, my beloved sweet hummingbird, aah so nice to see my two favourite girls again! Legendary night... Not a surprise though when the three of us entertain eachother... Great night at HåPe's (worst name Ever! HP sauce? Seriously?!?) followed by a nice afterparty also at Carl's, some bad pictures follow:
Hanna in her right element
-We go waay back, den där festen...
- Eh, ja, asså jag var ju så full, jag kommer inte ihåg
"Det finns en historia där"
Tomtebloss - succé!

We went to bed at 6... ish, and got up at 9.30, I made american pancakes with berries, jam, vanilla yoghurt, coconut, hazelnuts, anything you'd want for my two marvelous girls... Just when we'd finished breakfast it was time to start making food for family gathering, not great when you're hungover and very tired but I pulled through it and am now enjoying the couch and a film, waiting for my eveningly skypesession with my boyfriend. Bed. Early. Tonight. I'm not 18 anymore... Annika where are you?!

25 december 2010

Have yourself a merry little christmas

Precious little Hailey, could we have gotten a better present?
As another great present I found out that Fynn has booked tickets to come to Sweden in the end of January!

I hope you have or you will enjoy christmas, and in the words of my dear friend Micha: remember the meaning of christmas; love and hope.

23 december 2010

Dan före dopparedan = julstök!

Lots to do just days before christmas, well,one day for us Swedes, tomorrow it's Christmas!
Can't forget studying... Woo frickin hoo.
Making the meatballs
Cooking together is always more fun!
Nearly finished Christmas Tree
Janssons in the oven, ham in the sink and a stuffed fridge. Ah good ol' christmas, even the vegetarian is treating herself to some traditional home-made meatballs and maybe even some christmas ham...

22 december 2010

Toooooo c c cold....

That's all I have to say. T t t too cooooold outside!

By the way, I love my naprapath. Thank you for vanquishing my back pain!
(If you have any problems whatsoever go to the naprapath at Munktell in Eskilstuna.)

Winter wonderland

Minus 15! Minus 15! It's frickin cold outside. But beautiful...
So Swedish...
So beautiful
I love winter when it's like this, but it's just a little bit too cold now, it almost hurts to breathe when outside... I went to the gym today, felt so good to be back at Friskis, my regular gym, so many memories from high school, I practically lived there for a while. I remember when I used to go before school at 7.00 when they opened and after school at 16.00 and mum picked me up to go to dancing from 18.00 to 21.00... I don't think it was healthy... Now I just enjoy the work-out, de-stressing... I also went to the library, there too I found myself in reminiscence of old times. I got one article down, three to go. I'll tackle one tomorrow and hopefully I'll finish it!
I met up with mum to do some shopping, I feel such an urge to buy but even though I find things I like AND they fit well (which doesn't happen very often) there still is something stopping me from buying it. I just don't need it. Maybe I've got my needs and wants sorted finally? No, don't think so, I'll probably still struggle a bit, but I think I'm on the way of getting my priorities right...
I've also done my hair today at Pia Walter Widéns private saloon in Eskilstuna. Very pleased, bit darker, bit shorter, worked magic on my hair! I don't know what I would do without her, everytime I make the mistake of going to someone else I always end up disappointed, even when I went to Toni & Guy in London!
Think it's bedtime...
Goodnight world.

19 december 2010

A new life is born

I'm an aunt! Not by blood but non the less, I'm an aunt! This little angel was born 2010-12-16
Baby Hailey
Isn't she's adorable?!
Look at the little mohawk! 
I got to see her today and she's so tiny, and cute and adorable and little and innocent and so so so cute! Little wee babybosibo!

I'm finally home in Tunatown again, after a rather delayed train/walk/bus trip. It's nice to have holidays... I will enjoy it. I'll have to study but I'll try to enjoy it.
I can't wait for new years, I miss my sweetie...

16 december 2010

15 december 2010

Moved in, almost moved out

Gaah, is there anything worse than the move-out-clean?! Probably, but I'm not enjoying it one bit at the moment! My right arm hurts like a teenage boy's after all the scrubbing... and it's still not clean enough! After 30 min I gave up with getting the oven clean, I normally quite enjoy cleaning and since I've kept it clean it's not That bad, but it still takes frickin long, only bout half-done and giving away the keys tomorrow! Plus we got another seminar coming up on Friday, when will I have time to read the text?! Well, apparently tonight or tomorrow morning because my group is meeting at lunch tomorrow. Probably should have read it by then...

Anyway, there has been little fun the past week. Saturday I enjoyed a very fun, interesting and drunk night at Lone's. Drinks, games and dirty talks, unfortunately a couple of not-so-clean texts slipped away in the mist...
Oscar got caught in between Lone's fingers and
ended up looking sweet as a little 10 yr old girl
Julia's angel hair also got plaited
We then went on to a corridor fest, which wasn't to much to cheer for but Annike and I stayed on and danced the night away... until my bus left for Malmö that is... But no more late night buses! No more waiting for that stupid bus to come, no more commuting because *drumroll* I have moved into the new apartment in Lund! Woooooooo! It's a complete mess but whatever, only a few more days and then I head off up to Tunatown... I'm in serious lack of wardrobes after my last walk-in closet time so I still haven't unpacked most of my shit. I call it shit because honestly, I realised when packing that I barely use half the stuff I own...

Special thanks goes out to Patrick who was such a cutie-patotie and helped me move. Annika and Lisa also deserve big thank yous! Lisa also helped me get my new bed, much harder, better for my back, but we ended up having to push the seats forward in order to get the bed in the car so much that Lisa could barely steer! 
Unsafe but very funny....
Today we had cosy-christmas brunch at Julia's and it was very pleasant and enjoyable, you are all such nice and wonderful girls!! =)
On that positive note I shall finish off and try to go to bed, or read, or unpack... Gaah!

11 december 2010

How I adore packing

The sun made a guest appearance today. I guess it was time for dark clouds, snow and rain to take a break, they've been working hard the past month...

Lately it feels like all I've been doing is packing up my life. Again...! But on Monday I get to move into mine and Lisa's new place in Lund, where I get to stay for at least a year! Can't wait for the safety of knowing exactly where I'll be for the next year, not counting the summer that is....

I went to a Fairtrade christmas market today at Stortorget in Malmö, very small market, a little bit disappointed but it was definitely a good initiative!
I passed my exam, which was really nice. Was hoping for a better grade but I did say that the first of the essays was probably the worst I'd ever written so I guess I can't complain...

Just about to go to Afro-dancing, after all the packing I need to get my frustration out and gain some energy for tonight!

(I was very pleased to see an article in Metro how to spend a green christmas, especially since I sent them an email five days earlier explaining their moral responsibility as the biggest, green newspaper in Sweden to help inform how to spend a sustainable christmas! Whether it had any effect or not doesn't really matter, I'm just glad they published it! Hopefully it inspired some to rethink their consumption habits...)

08 december 2010

Thinking about christmas presents?

Advice and suggestions for christmas presents that withstand the green och fairtrade critic eye and supports a more sustainable future:
1.   Make your own!
  • knit something warm for the cold winter days
  • make some traditional food, like fudge or the swedish "knäck"
  • a book filled with memories and photos (questionable from a green point a view)
  • remake something old eg. clothes, pillow cases, lampshades
  • make personalised bottles, jars, pots, cups 
  • spice your own snaps, easy and good recipes are widespread on the net
2.   Buy your present!
  • second-hand
  • fairtrade products
  • christmas markets are perfect for individually, locally made products
  • volunteer organisation shops
  • give a present that helps someone else. At unicef's website you can buy presents like vaccin, mosquito nets, school equipment etc http://www.unicef.se/stod-oss/gavoshop (svenska), http://www.musthavegifts.org/Worldvision/Default.aspx (for everyone!). Many volunteer organisations have similar campaigns, go and check it out!
  • Don't buy anything made in Japan, as they are still continually murdering dolphins in Taiji...
  • Soda streamer, if you are a fan of sparkling water
  • Organic wine, sparkling wine
  • stainless steel bottle (found at Onya)
3.   Give away activities!
  • theatre
  • musical
  • cinema
  • concert
  • invite friends for a nice dinner
  • vouchers for massage, acupuncture etc
  • dance lessons, cooking course etc
  • weekend away (by train...)
That's how far my imagination stretches at the moment, would appreciate any other suggestion and ideas you have!

Reducing the christmas consumption craze is not about completely abandoning the tradition of giving away presents but reforming these traditions to include more sustainable ways to enjoy our holidays. Please think twice about the christmas food as well! It doesn't only help the environment but it also saves you countless hours at the gym getting it off ;)

Stolen bank card?

I think I just got my bank card stolen... I'm sure I had it in my phone pocket along with my ID and student ID. Crazy thing is that my phone is still there... I haven't used my card though, I saw it at lunch time, and now it's gone. It must have disappeared when I was doing yoga at Gerdahallen in Lund, but why would they in that case not steal my ID and my phone? Strange. Anyway, card is cancelled so if I happen to find it somewhere it's too late... Oh well, no money withdrawn so...

We had a UN role play today. Lots of fun! My group was already small with three people compared to others with 5-6 members, and one of the girls got the stomach flu last night poor thing, so we ended up being two people. I must admit that the other delegates treated us nicely though. We sat next to Jamaica where Per wore proper Bob Marley dreads, Linus managed to make a simile between the US and Nazi-Germany which resulted in great media coverage and diplomatic hardships for Jamaica. Last we saw a large US navy battle ship was strategically placed close to Jamaica... The responsible delegate is apparently facing disciplinary actions for his statement... Haha, great day!

Now that the role play is done, I'll hopefully be a little bit more active on the blog now =)

04 december 2010

My Grown Up Christmas List

Not for myself, but for a world in need

No more lives torn apart
That wars would never start,
and time would heal our hearts

Everyone would have a friend
and love would never end...

This is my christmas list
and my lifelong wish

Work study study work

That's all I feel I've done lately. Stressing about moving in 2 weeks, still don't know how... Course work is taking up a lot of time, all being very interesting but difficult. Just had a seminar about three very interesting cases taken up in the European Court of Human Rights, I almost now all our rights according to the European Convention now...
Kåren - where I've been spending most of my time lately
Warm and cosy
Malmö has been having snowstorms every other day, it's quite nice but traffic is at a standstill so you never now when and if the bus is coming....

Christmas lights coming up!
Need to go do some washing now, can't wait for christmas and holidays! I want to relax....