28 december 2010

Mellandagsrea = go nuts

Uh, people bother me, sales bother me, people at sales is like a dagger straight through my energy vain... Cheerful no? Right, can't go on like that. But truthfully, people (including myself) become very selfish and introverted when shopping at the sales, that's why it's a negative experience for me and I prefer to stay away. Yet I have failed to do so as my mother has been off and I have needed to buy a few things. So, I find myself elbowing and sighing my way through the crowds yet another year. I managed to buy a paris of shoes for new years:
warm wool socks, a fleece, earrings and this wonderful coat which I found at Ester second-hand boutique
 I also got a pair of knitted gloves to match the dress complementary, gosh, couldn't get any better!

We just visited little Hailey who's grown a little tiny bit bigger already. They already have so many clothes for her! Guess that's what happens when you get a little girl and just before christmas as well...

In three days I will be in the arms of my boyfriend, can't wait!

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