08 december 2010

Stolen bank card?

I think I just got my bank card stolen... I'm sure I had it in my phone pocket along with my ID and student ID. Crazy thing is that my phone is still there... I haven't used my card though, I saw it at lunch time, and now it's gone. It must have disappeared when I was doing yoga at Gerdahallen in Lund, but why would they in that case not steal my ID and my phone? Strange. Anyway, card is cancelled so if I happen to find it somewhere it's too late... Oh well, no money withdrawn so...

We had a UN role play today. Lots of fun! My group was already small with three people compared to others with 5-6 members, and one of the girls got the stomach flu last night poor thing, so we ended up being two people. I must admit that the other delegates treated us nicely though. We sat next to Jamaica where Per wore proper Bob Marley dreads, Linus managed to make a simile between the US and Nazi-Germany which resulted in great media coverage and diplomatic hardships for Jamaica. Last we saw a large US navy battle ship was strategically placed close to Jamaica... The responsible delegate is apparently facing disciplinary actions for his statement... Haha, great day!

Now that the role play is done, I'll hopefully be a little bit more active on the blog now =)

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