26 december 2010

Christmas Day

in Sweden is a big chunk of party... But before the party mum and I picked up my extra grandma Ulla and had a nice dinner! Then, we picked up Sofia, sweet stunning Sofia, my precious darling friend whom I love so much! We went to Carl's apartment for a good intimate preparty before going to HåPe's (worst name ever). The best thing about coming home and going out is that you get to meet ALL the people you know, knew, seen, flirted with at a weak moment, used to work with, went to school with, yes, everyone was there yesterday... There was someone extra special there too. Hanna, happy honest hot Hanna, my beloved sweet hummingbird, aah so nice to see my two favourite girls again! Legendary night... Not a surprise though when the three of us entertain eachother... Great night at HåPe's (worst name Ever! HP sauce? Seriously?!?) followed by a nice afterparty also at Carl's, some bad pictures follow:
Hanna in her right element
-We go waay back, den där festen...
- Eh, ja, asså jag var ju så full, jag kommer inte ihåg
"Det finns en historia där"
Tomtebloss - succé!

We went to bed at 6... ish, and got up at 9.30, I made american pancakes with berries, jam, vanilla yoghurt, coconut, hazelnuts, anything you'd want for my two marvelous girls... Just when we'd finished breakfast it was time to start making food for family gathering, not great when you're hungover and very tired but I pulled through it and am now enjoying the couch and a film, waiting for my eveningly skypesession with my boyfriend. Bed. Early. Tonight. I'm not 18 anymore... Annika where are you?!

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