27 februari 2012

Boring busy-bee

Sorry guys, being awfully boring at the moment. Being homeless tends to do that I guess...
We're staying with Ian, who's place I couchsurfed at before I found the "great" place in Kardy. He's such a friendly and generous person but we're house hunting frentically to not impose for too long. Think we've found something now... Fingers crossed.
Basically just been surfing cafés and being generally stressed and tired. Will get better! Just went for a ten km walk around the river, and it felt great! Letting some of the stress out I suppose.
Cool café called Wild poppy
really nice coffee!
and cool home-made furniture!
in south freo
Evelina being super excited about our
hot chocolate and chocolate cake
at San Churro in Freo
Chocolate overload! mmmm

25 februari 2012

Fancy a new key ring?

Oh come on, what the frickin shit is going on in the world?!
This is a little tortoise swimming around ALIVE in a herbal solution. The souvenir lives for 1-3 months in this little plastic bag.

I'm simply speechless.


So we are moved out of the beautiful house now. Things just successively became worse. Grace and my house mate who's on the lease is a bit crazy. There were too much drinking, licking cats and lots of other things. Good to be out. So basically this is what has happened the past week (the nice things):
Cavenham Wildlife Park:
wouldn't recommend it. despite the cuddle bears..
Not really that interested in food, bit overfeed I think...
Bond, James Bond
Random buddhist fundraiser with Bond theme. 
Love those nights....
Mmm Espresso martinis
Grace, my new house mate. Don't have a house but at least I've got a house mate....
Evelina, me Arun (in Bond theme) and Grace.
Pose for the camera!

Perth City
Doing some shopping (I know, but sometimes you're allowed to shop a little bit at least... Especially when you're house mate is a raging alcoholic)
London Court, in case you miss Europe...
Clancy's Fish Pub
With best Reggie!
Such a cool band and swing music

Sweden represents!
Cutest bird in Bridgetown!
The wonderful cidery in Bridgetown
Right, back to house hunting! and studying........

Alzheimer's anyone?

A scientific study of several different species of shark has shown that eating shark fin (shark fin soup) may lead to degenerative brain disease such as alzheimer's. Relatively high concentrations of BMAA were found and the involved scientists are concerned not only about shark fin soup but dietary supplements and other forms of ingestion. Read the whole article here.

So basically if you don't think that the extinction of sharks and the possible environmental effects it will have is a sufficient reason to stop eating shark than maybe the prospect of increased risk of degenerative brain disease will be....

22 februari 2012

Free against the odds

The Dutch environmentalist who was imprisoned for two months in Taiji accused of minor assault was freed despite Japan's 99.7 % conviction rate. Cudos to the judge for ruling fairly opposing public pressure!
Picture taken in 2006
Blood-stained water.
Info and image are taken from this article.

16 februari 2012


Sharks are starting to interbreed, probably because of changing ocean conditions scientists reckon. They have found the first ever hybrid shark outside Australia! Not just one, but a lot of them... Read about it here

King's Park

Lick (the wall)

First visited vintage shop in Freo! Didn't find anything, but the shop is quite cool, organised and not too packed. They have a 10-dollar rack worth checking out and lots of accessories...
7 Cantonement st

15 februari 2012


This morning I met up with Hanna and Evelina to get some breakfast at Fidel's café. Pancakes, yuuummmmm....
Happy and full we made our way to the Fremantle Prison for a little tour with the other exchange students. It was definitely worth it, very interesting. It only closed about 20 years ago and they were still using buckets instead of toilets. Apparently the prisoners found a way to make alcohol out of the chemicals in the toilet. Lovely...
Corporal punishment
Capital punishment...
After the very uplifting tour we went to Little Creatures to get drunk. No not really, had a nice lunch before a didgeridoo lesson at Didgeridoo Breath.
Laugh all you want but it's really
I have a close up but I'm not giving you that pleasure haha!

An ongoing battle

I haven't talked about the Cove in quite some time now but that doesn't mean that the atrocities have stopped. Far from it. Legal action has been taken against a Sea Shepherd volunteer for false allegations of pushing a fisherman. Erwin from the Netherlands is facing trial, as an attempt to scare us away. I say us because we are all involved. Do not close your eyes to these awful events.

Mr. Yoshiki Kimura - Governor of Wakayama
(Fax: +81-73-423-9500)
Wakayama prefecture office, Fishery Division
TEL: +81-73-441-3010
FAX: +81-73-432-4124
Email: e0717001@pref.wakayama.lg.jp
Mayor - Taiji town hall
Taiji fishermen’s union:
TEL: +81735592340
(Fax: +81-735-59-2821)
Hotel Dolphin Resort / Dolphin Base
Tel: +81 0735 59 3514
Fax +81 0735 59 2810

Call them quickly, it doesn't cost that much, call your home embassy, write an email. One effort is not wasted in the sea of emails and phone calls they receive. More is more! 

This is what happens to them. Every week dolphins day, every day they do all the can to catch as many as they can.
The killers have adopted pithing after film showed them randomly spearing the dolphins.  Pithing is supposedly a more “humane” destruction method.  However we have recently seen through cracks in the tarps what really happens.  The pithing rod is jammed into the dolphins’ backs behind the blowhole, often more than once.  Because it does not enter their brains and only their spinal column, death is very unlikely.  Paralysis is the expected outcome.  The dolphins remain conscious.  They die by drowning on the way to the butcher house or when they are gutted there.  Taiji is a despicable place.  No wonder the children are crying.

13 februari 2012


Another mind-fuck day (excuse the language), but a lot was repetition. It seems some adults have not learned proper manners because some just won't keep quiet as our coordinator is talking. Very annoying! Just saying....

This afternoon we went to Cottesloe beach. Beautiful weather and lovely beach!
The group was given a bit of a safety talk.
The ocean is treacherous...
Slowly working on a tan!

12 februari 2012

Freo market

What a beautiful day it has been! A calm, relaxing morning followed by a wonderful arvo at the market in Freo.
Crazy dude! Good atmosphere...
Food market
Organic wholefoods
Lentils, yummmmmy....