04 februari 2012

The best host....

Time for an update, don't you think?!
I'm couch surfing in South Perth. Staying with the most kind, sweet and generous person, Reggie from Belgium. He's been an angel so far and taken me to different bars, a restaurant with his house mates, driven me around Perth,  played Wii, stayed up really late talking about everything and nothing and today we did this:

Coffee and walk on the riverside in Applecross
Lots of dead fish on the jetty, don't know why...

The river was full of kite surfers and sailing boats
Went swimming in the Indian Ocean
First swim of the year!
Inbetween all of this we had time to go to a pool party, a friend of Regis turned 32! Met up with Ian, who is my next host. Couch surfing is awesome! We also had dinner and ice cream in Fremantle and watched the sunset in Cottesloe. Pretty wicked day really...

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