15 februari 2012


This morning I met up with Hanna and Evelina to get some breakfast at Fidel's café. Pancakes, yuuummmmm....
Happy and full we made our way to the Fremantle Prison for a little tour with the other exchange students. It was definitely worth it, very interesting. It only closed about 20 years ago and they were still using buckets instead of toilets. Apparently the prisoners found a way to make alcohol out of the chemicals in the toilet. Lovely...
Corporal punishment
Capital punishment...
After the very uplifting tour we went to Little Creatures to get drunk. No not really, had a nice lunch before a didgeridoo lesson at Didgeridoo Breath.
Laugh all you want but it's really
I have a close up but I'm not giving you that pleasure haha!

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  1. haha tyckte du skulle ha lagt upp närbilden =P