09 februari 2012


Today was an early morning as Evelina arrived to Perth! Also a Lund student, I met her last yar for a tea in cold and rainy Sweden, so it's quite the contrast!
We went into Freo to set up her phone number, look for some rooms and just chill at my new favourite café. It's Fidel's café and is a very quirky and personal place in Essex st
The little backyard
 We took the bus back to Murdoch Uni and I tried to sort my courses out... Hmm, more on that later. Complicated with a capital C.
    On the way home we came across these little birdy-birds. They look like parrots and are so cute!
Outside my window I have about 13 (counted) different types of birds and some of them make the funniest noices! Presenting: the tortured cat, the crying baby, the cricket, the fire cracker, the hormonal owl dove and finally the laughing witch. It's like its own entertainment system, it cracks me up!

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