12 februari 2012

Little creatures on the Loft

O-week has begun, the information is pounding forward, to quote my house mate: I've been head-fucked. However, a busy mind needs a busy night life!

At Little Creatures Brewery
where the beer is expensive and the atmosphere priceless

Lunch at the Murdoch Tavern
where I sense a fair few evenings will be spent 
 A reminder from home
I love my Scotsman
 Tomtar på loftet!
a sister bar to little creatures, the loft, where the couches are numerous and the view fabulous
Hanna and Lollo 
Rudolf the rednose reindeer and Evelina
One day of forgetting sunscreen is all
it takes people. 
A taste of Africa...
The loft is not only a bar but serves
coffee, hot chocolate and tea.
With this insane heat a cheap drunk, like me, barely needs to drink two small ciders to be on the go! Water is the shit! As one of our professors put it: Drink or Die! (water that is)

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