27 februari 2012

Boring busy-bee

Sorry guys, being awfully boring at the moment. Being homeless tends to do that I guess...
We're staying with Ian, who's place I couchsurfed at before I found the "great" place in Kardy. He's such a friendly and generous person but we're house hunting frentically to not impose for too long. Think we've found something now... Fingers crossed.
Basically just been surfing cafés and being generally stressed and tired. Will get better! Just went for a ten km walk around the river, and it felt great! Letting some of the stress out I suppose.
Cool café called Wild poppy
really nice coffee!
and cool home-made furniture!
in south freo
Evelina being super excited about our
hot chocolate and chocolate cake
at San Churro in Freo
Chocolate overload! mmmm

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  1. chocolate overload hahahaha, did you guys drink the take away the next morning?