28 oktober 2010

Seminar, bad planning and lunch

Tomorrow we have a seminar. I haven't read the text yet... Great. Don't feel like reading either... Was going to sit all day today but went to lunch with Marcus instead. 3 hour lunch and fika, talking about everything and nothing... I also bought cmpire teeth for tomorrow and black eye shadow! Halloween party tomorrow!

Now I am going to be social with Simon from my high school class....

27 oktober 2010

Slaughter of bottlenose dolphins

Yesterday the brutal slaughter of dolphins in the Cove began, this is what the Sea Sherpard wrote about the incident.

For the first time this season, the ruthless fishermen of Taiji, Japan have driven Bottlenose dolphins into the Cove. There are presently fifty-two dolphins behind two net enclosures in the Cove.
It does not look good. Earlier this morning, the fishermen moved the “gutting barge” into position, and the trainers have already moved in to select the ones they want for the aquarium slave trade.
We fear that the remainder—males, females, adults, juveniles, and babies—will be slaughtered within hours.
We need to make the Japanese government aware each and every time this atrocity occurs. We need to ask why they are letting this small town humiliate the entire nation of Japan with this barbaric practice that has no place in the 21st Century?

Ironically, at this very moment in Nagoya, the Japanese government is hosting the Biodiversity Conference. NGO’s and governments from around the world are in attendance, and yet not one word from any of them for the dolphins. Where are you, Greenpeace?  Where the hell are any of these groups that preach and raise money off of marine conservation but say nothing and do nothing about the horrific slaughter of dolphins and the destruction of marine biodiversity by these thugs in Taiji?

The Academy Award winning film, The Cove, has removed any pretence of ignorance from the public. All those who fail to speak up now are the willfully ignorant.

Within a few hours, the Cove will run red with blood once again, and the pathetic screams of dying dolphins will fill the air as the butchers stab and hack, slash and laugh in the face of all that is decent. 

We must stop them, for we can never rest until we do.

All 52 dolphins are now dead. Brutally slaughtered.

Read about it youselves at Sea Shepard

I wrote an email to the Japanese embassy in the U.S. jicc@embjapan.org is the email. Take a minute to write them to protect the dolphins! If enough people write maybe it'll make a difference. It is worth a try.
It really makes me sick to my stomch to think about the atrocities going on...

Lectures and fika

I ended up only going to the first lecture today, but it was great! Lory Dance talked about social structural and institutional discrimination, especially in the US. Very interesting. We also got to watch the film Startrek to analyse if we could find some examples of discrimination against Spock, gender, Kirk etc. Interesting approach!

The second one I missed but I got some very interesting info about my possible erasmus exchange. I might be able to go to Geneve and study international studies and an intensive French course, that would be perfect!
I also got some of the reading done, now I just have to read 70 pages for the seminar.. B.b.b.boring.... Our techer is good but not very inspirational... And at the moment I'm finding it hard to inspire myself...

The fairtrade fika was a minor success, everyone thought it was good, but it was mostly my classmates there haha. I tried to get passers-by but yelling: Come and have some fika, it's fairtrade! just gave me suspicious looks whereas filling in "it's free" made people stumble over their feet. Students!
Home-made carrot cake, brownies,
 chocolate-dipped bananas and much more!

My lovely classmates  

Now I am going to eat a fruit salad, drink lemon and ginger tea with fresh lemon, drink a litre of water and a glass of vitamin C water. Yes I am trying not to catch a cold....

Fairtrade fika!

Weeeii I got VG on my exam (in Sweden you can get fail: U, pass: G, pass with distinction: VG)! Just had to write that, I'm very proud and happy!
Yesterday we baked for today's fairtrade fika (fika=sit around for hours drinking coffee with you friends) at SOL-centrum 15.00-1700! Come and support the fairtrade concept, don't miss it! It's going to be goooood....

Met up with Oskar and Jesus yesterday night so no dancing for me... A shame but it was a very nice evening, dinner and lots of tea and talking...

Time to go to lectures on the racism with Lory Dance and Soraya Post!

25 oktober 2010

Boycott H&M

Due to yet another scandal at H&M factories in Bangladesh and Cambodia, it is time for us consumers to take a stand!

3 November, a wednesday, we will boycott H&M, the aim is for no one to enter a store in as many places as possible to show the chairmen of H&M that what they are doing is wrong!

Chairman Stefan Persson is the second richest man in Sweden, after Mr IKEA, and H&M made a profit of staggering 7.1 billion SEK last year. IS their economy really that strained that they cannot afford to pay their workers enough money for them to survive?
If Stefan Persson's riches were to be divided between 100.000 workers with a pay raise of 500 SEK the money would last for 283 years.... I think H&M can afford to raise their worker's pay to a fair level.

The day of the event I will write a letter to the board of H&M explaining why this is important, and because they are not taking responsibility we, as consumers, are.

Come on and spread this!



Goodmorning everyone!
I had a rough morning... I do not recommend drinking during low blood value and pill-taking...

A Mr Peter suggested this site to me: ilovegratis.se (only for swedish people, sorry) and it's wicked! It's an environmental site aimed at letting you give away the things you don't need and let others have it. I needed a sowing machine and guess what, the first thing I see on the site?! A sowing machine! Yay!
No waste, no time-wasting throwing it away, just put it on the the site and we all save money and efforts and most importantly, one step closer to saving the environment!

Thank you Peter!

Can't take it

I just could not take sitting at home "resting" anymore so I begged, yes literally begged my boss to let me work. It was hard but I was very happy!
Thrilled to be going into work.
Well, I've never been sane...
It was "branschkväll" tonight. Wallmans people from Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm and loads of other people as well. Such a good night! Mia, bitch... My glass was half full and suddenly another glass is in front of me, that one is half full and suddenly a f*ing long island is waiting for me; a strong one as well. Don't know if you are supposed to get drunk when you have a low blood value and take the pills I take, but don't care, I had fun!

I have challenged myself not to buy new clothes (I don't actually NEED) and reuse my wardrobe. This knitted dress is probably five years old and I still love it...

Unfortuntaly there were absolutely no good photos from tonight. None.

23 oktober 2010


Last summer Hanna told me about this film. Sharkwater is a documentary aimed at raising awareness of the situation of sharks today. Shortly said, hundreds of thousands of sharks are killed every year, but that's not enough. The people are after their fins, they use longlines, catching anything and everything, pulling the sharks up and brutally cutting off their fins with a knife just to throw them back into the ocean again. The sharks unable to swim sink to the bottom of the ocean where it slowly drowns or is eaten alive.

If you want to watch the entire film you can see it HERE on youtube. I strongly recommend to see this documentary but I will prepare you for tears. Lots of tears...

Visit sharkwater.com to make a difference. 
A simple way to help is to refuse to eat at any restaurant that serves shark fin soup! Which many asian reastaurants do.... Walk out and make sure to state your reason clearly!

6 reasons to refuse

Since I apparently have a low blood value and have been recommended to rest and eat some pills I might as well tell you why you should buy a stainless steel bottle! Here are several reasons to refuse disposable plastic:
Plastic is forever
Plastic is a material that the Earth cannot digest. Every bit of plastic that has ever been created still exists, except the small amount that has been incinerated, and has become toxic air and particulate pollution.
Plastic is poisoning our food chain
In the environment, plastic breaks down into smaller and smaller particles that attract toxic chemicals. These particles are ingested by wildlife on land and in the ocean, and contaminate our food chain.
Plastic affects human health
Harmful chemicals leached by plastics are already present in the bloodstream and tissues of almost every one of us, including newborns.
Single Use plastics and Disposable plastics are the main source of plastic pollution
Consumption of single use and disposable plastics has spiraled out of control.  They are used for seconds, hours, or days, but their remains will last hundreds of years.
Recycling is not a sustainable solution
Unlike glass and metal, recycling plastic is costly and does not stem the production of virgin plastic product. Most of our plastic waste is landfilled, downcycled or exported to other countries.
The oceanic gyres
Patches of plastic pollution cover millions of square miles of ocean in the North Pacific and in the North Atlantic.  Scientists expect to find similar accumulation areas in the remaining oceanic gyres. There is no known way to clean up the plastic pollution in the oceans: the plastic particles are very small and circulate throughout the entire water column.  The amount of plastic pollution in the oceans is expanding at a catastrophic rate.
Taken from Plasticpollutioncoalition.org

We are so dependant on plastic in our lives but it's well overdue to start rethinking our ways of living. 
The planet is not disposable.

22 oktober 2010

15 % discount!

Good news everyone!

I just got an email from Dan Brousson at Onyabags.co.uk and if you use the code eco1 when you hit the shopping cart you will get a 15% discount on your products.

Shop away with a good conscience!

21 oktober 2010

Surprise modelling

Well, I could have been at UPF pub night but instead Mr Insane Headache knocked on my door and he simply won't leave...

At lunch time we went to the student council to use their microwave and very comfortable couches and it turned out that they had just received jumpers they have ordered for the Humaniora council. So with our lunch in the microwave we went outside to model the jumpers for them! Infront of the university library. As Christoffer pointed out: Very American highschool... But the jumpers are so nice, I really want one!
Love the fact that I have matching shoes!
Classic jumping photo
After the fun modelling experience it was lunch and back to the books... The three other books just arrived in the mail, so tomorrow, guess what I'm going to do!?


Onya website

Is an online shop devoted to reducing "the impacts of our disposable culture."
They have a wide set of products, all from recyclable material, made to be reused! It ranges from bags and backpacks to food and water containers. They make it easy to eliminate plastic in some of our daily life!
They are situated in Britain but ship internationally and they are not very expensive! Their sister site reusablebottle.co.uk has a wide range of BPA (toxic substance found in most plastic material) FREE bottles in all kinds of designs. Take a look for yourselves! Personally I'm getting myself a stainless steel bottle from Onya, it'll cost me 100 SEK. Might seem a lot but it's only five disposable bottles. This will last me 10 years, and it will not have an equally big impact on the environment...


Dianna Cohen: Tough truths about plastic pollution | Video on TED.com

This is only a five minute long video to bring further light onto the plastic problem we're facing. Dianna Cohen is a former artist who worked with plastic in art pieces. She has started the Plastic Pollution Coalition, creating awareness about alternatives to plastic.
The video is only 5 min long, everyone has time to watch it! It is for the good of the planet...

Refuse unaware plastic usage!

20 oktober 2010


I just got off the phone with my best friend Sofia! I'm so happy and excited and I miss her so so so much!

Sofia you are a rock and my shining light in the dark night...

19 oktober 2010


I am currently sitting at the café Njutbar on Stora Nygatan in Malmö. It was the first café I went to when I was here with Fynn checking out my apartment. It has become a favourite. Quality products, often eco and organic, and Johan is the master of coffee. Best coffee in Malmö I dare say!
I'm studying in between the time lapses where I find something much more important to do, like write my blog...

Yes, indeed this is much more important than the industrial revolution..... Uuuh, alright, back to the History of Human Rights.... 

Public racism

Entry for Negro in the Encyclopaedia Britannica 1798:
"....differ far from other men in in all features... small ears, ugliness, and irregularity of shape, characterize their external appearance.... Vices the most notorious seem to be the portion of this unhappy race: idleness, treachery, venge, cruelty.. nastiness.... They are strangers to every sentiment of compassion, and are an awful example of the corruption of man when left to himself."

Haha oh my, seriously?!
Thank heavens for racisms diminish (at least publicly). We have come far in racist matters, let this be inspiration for the continuance of tolerance of all peoples and animals. We are all citizens of the earth after all.

Paul Stamets on mushrooms

I am becoming more and more fond of mushrooms! Finally I have been able to finish watching this talk on TED.com (because of slow internet) and I know that we can save the world, we just need to defeat these fat cats that sit on 90% of the fortune of the monetary system and demand our earth be set free. As Anton said: The earth does not belong to us, we belong to the world! It's well overdue that we start taking care of the planet we live on.

Listen and be inspired by Paul Stamets and how mushrooms can save the world...

18 oktober 2010


Every year oil and gas companies lobby against clean energy and this is how much they have spent to ensure the further pollution of our earth...

Industry Profile, 2010

This industry, which includes multinational and independent oil and gas producers and refiners, natural gas pipeline companies, gasoline service stations and fuel oil dealers, has long enjoyed a history of strong influence in Washington. Individuals and political action committees affiliated with oil and gas companies have donated $238.7 million to candidates and parties since the 1990 election cycle, 75 percent of which has gone to Republicans

This information comes from www.Opensecrets.org 

Also read the article "The Wrong Economic Climate for Clean Energy", short article explaining why Obama failed in his fourth objective; clean energy.

A nice morning read for you all! ;)

17 oktober 2010


means voice in several languages. It is a global community that gather all of the world's individual voices into one strong, united stand against global warming, human- and animal rights violations etc. 
www.Avaaz.org started in Januar 2007 and has grown to 5.5 million members all over the globe. 
The Economist  writes of Avaaz' power to "give world leaders a deafening wake-up call"; the  Indian Express heralds "the biggest web campaigner across the world, rooting for crucial global issues.” and  Suddeutsche Zeitung calls Avaaz "a transnational community that is more democratic, and could be more e ffective than the United Nations.”
Former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown says Avaaz "has driven forward the idealism of the world." Al Gore says "Avaaz is inspiring… it has already made a significant difference.” Zainab Bangura, the foreign minister of Sierra Leone, describes Avaaz as "an ally, and a rallying place, for disadvantaged people everywhere to help create real change.”
We are a powerful voice to be reckoned with! Already we have stopped a proposal to re-legalise commercial whale hunting, pushed a law to protect the glaciers in Argentina and won, reversed a law that would have given a large area of the rainforest in Brazil over for agri-exploitation and so much more!

Become involved and make your voice strong, together we can make a difference. 


Apart from signing petitions I have been out for a powerwalk/run in the park in the gorgeous weather! I decided to go back out again since the sun blessed us with her lovely presence. Sat on a bench and read some before going home to clean and cook. I love a clean flat and today I swear I surpassed myself. For the first time I made lasagne and I kid you not it was the best thing I've ever eaten! I bet it'll never be nearly as good ever again, that's always the case but I at least have three more portions... I'm longing for tomorrow and another portion of lasagne... mmmmmm

I need to remember to bring a bag when food shopping since I refuse to buy plastic bags now. It ends with me having to carry it all in my hands and people glancing at me with wondering eyes, whereas I usually can't buy everything I need and have to go a second time. But at least I'm not wasting bags and I'm getting extra exercise...

16 oktober 2010

Kidnap me. Please

Since when did I start having such bad hang overs?! I feel like I've been banging my head aginst the wall all night. I did fall and hit my head on the table but that does not explain the earthquake in my head. 

Despite my little tumble out of the couch I had one of the best nights in ages! Simon, from my high school class, and I went to Marcus friend Alex to have some drinks before going out. Lots of banter and music and dancing, apparently in english it's "swedish lindy hop", it's a very popular dance, especially among the older generations. I've danced lots with my mum and now with Marcus. Good fun! More than a little drunk we made our way to club Indigo, good indie pop and rock, we went nuts on the dance floor, can't even describe how much fun it was! 

Unfortunately Simon and I had to leave with the last train, which we just caught! I want to live in Lund!
Haha so trashy! But we had fun....

Marcus you are completely insane! =D

Waking up feeling like shit I decided to go for a walk and Simon willingly joined me. Went on a sightseeing of Malmö centre and down to the big park and fed the ducks. I've been wanting to feed them for long, they are so cute! I see them everyday I go running, they're my friends now haha

Weather is gorgeous! Please someone kidnap me and take me to the countryside, I don't want to work...

15 oktober 2010


On way to Möllevångstorget to meet my old room mate Alex from G-burg. Very excited, haven't seen her in a year now! Alex and Annmarie had quite an important impact on my life, they opened my eyes for ecological products, cooking, vegetarian food, the bohemian style, recycling, introduced me to some swedish reggae artists such as Luddee and some of the people from kultiration, Kapten Röd etc. In a way they changed my life.
New skirt, vintage and earring
 from  Made By No One, top from
H&M, my favourite nailpolish
Glowing Ruby from Isadora.
Love it so I put up with the
poor quality
I absolutely love my new skirt with its big pockets! Well worth its 198 SEK...

Oh, and I just have to say that if you haven't seen The Notebook, you are missing out, see it now! I watched it with Simon from my high school yesterday, and as a film student, even he loved it!

14 oktober 2010

Red Ice Creations

Check out this website for some interesting videos and radioshows.
Especially watch this trailor called "What in the World are They spraying?" It's about a project to cool the earth involving spraying the atmosphere with a substance that contain aluminium and other chemicals that fall into the earth poisoning the entire planet, preventing us from organic food, clean water etc. Interesting is also that there is genetically modified crops to withstain pollution from aluminium... Watch it and become aware!


My poor poor head has been assaulted by box rosé! Worth it though, was a good night even if the club was absolutely Shit. The DJ played the wrost possible house music, and when he decided to put some good commercial dance house he somehow managed to ruin the songs by remixing them to death. Annikas and my, a little bit more than moderate, drunkeness saved the night!
Yes, this was the best pic of the entire night...
The other photos have been firmly moved to the
 delete-destroy-don't-ever-watch-again box...
I got to meet her new corridor as well, all of them very nice, I almost want to move in to a corridor now. However, every time I step into the kitchen I change my mind... I'm hoping for many more good nights there! Got to speak with some aussies, only that makes the night worth it! Massive Australia-withdrawal syndrome yesterday, I'll have to start saving to go back...

Got a nice surprise in the mail today. My jewelleries have arrived! I ordered a customised bracelet, key-ring and a footlink that will arrive in a week. This girl is very talented and so cheap! I don't think she actually makes a profit, this was crazy cheap and she even sent them to me with a package and stamp to return if I wasn't happy with it! Well worth the two week wait for the jewellery.
Key-ring and bracelet by Cecilia Arnold, ROCIART.

13 oktober 2010

In the mood!

It was a beautiful autumn day in Lund today! Just when I stepped out of the train Annika texts me. Lecture is cancelled today. Typical... But Annika and I went to a café and talked about life, boys and all those things girls can go on about for hours!
Old town in Lund

 My shoes when redone. Removed one of the straps and used sandpaper to toughen them a bit, who'd want new shoes to actually look new?!
Forgot to turn it, you'll have to manage!
 And the straps became perfect bracelets! Nothing goes to waste.....

I'm off to a unicef meeting and afterwards Annika and I are going to get moderately drunk and dance all night to Britney Spears!

12 oktober 2010

Not in the mood

Some things, and people, just make me wonder...

Love my new earring and my OPI plum coloured nailpolish!

I should have been studying...
I'm going to remake the boots a bit so I hope it'll work out (otherwise I'll hate myself for throwing away all that money...)

Not in the mood for dancing tonight. I feel very reluctant to leaving my lit candles, soft music in the shape of Ray Montagne, Bon Iver and Laura Marling, lovely cup of Rooibos and my warm cosy reading chair. Out there it's cold and dark, no I'd better stay...

Magic mushrooms

Eben Bayer: Are mushrooms the new plastic?

This is yet another solution to the plastic problem our world is facing. Found and stole this video from a friend who is very into these things. I'm working on being as updated as possible, it's great to see so many new ideas, it's really giving me new hope for the future!

Unicef supply division field trip

It was an early wake up call to head to Copenhagen and the unicef supply division. The main storage area, with warehouses also in Dubai, Shanghai and Panama if I'm not mistaken. In photos:

Unicef supplies the children of the world with everything from vaccin to school-in-a-box to toys and nutrition. They do not do food, but milk powder and a paste, similar to peanut butter, with a crazy amount of calories enriched with vitamins and minerals for quick nutrition. It was so educational to see and hear what they do, how much money goes into it, logistics, the ethics behind the suppliers etc etc. The helmets in one of the picture are bullet proof since they obviously are under tremendous risks in some areas...

On the way home me and two guys got stuck by the high-tec ticket machine. Must have been from the 60's! You could not buy two tickets at once, so all of us 17 people had to buy a ticket each. When it was my turn it wouldn't read neither of my cards and when it finally did I couldn't remember the code cause the numbers pad was all wrong! Complete brain freeze! So we missed another train. One of the guys paid all of our tickets and then we got on the train to Copenhagen to change to Malmö. Track 5. We wait and wait and the time is closing in. When we noticed that they had changed the track to 4 instead we ran across and missed it by 4 seconds. If we just would've looked left we'd have seen the damn train! Bit of a disaster but good bonding time...

11 oktober 2010


Tiger Jeans, the swedish designer, has apparently let 9 up and coming bands record a song from inside a dressing room. Resulting in Dressing Room Sessions. Brilliant idea! Follow it on Daniel's fashion blog:

Dyra Droppar (valuable water)

Correction: I also bought this fabulous plum nailpolish!
Pretty plum
Not having a TV allows me (sounds more positive than forces me) to find documentaries like these. I knew buying bottled water was bad for the environment while being the best business idea of the century! This doc was an eye-opener for me though, I will never again buy water in a PET-bottle...
Read about the film here if you, like me, became a bit interested:
And if you are EVEN more interested you can check out their blog where they write about all sorts of environmentally-related things.

Remember, the only difference between tap water and bottled water is that the tap is better for you and the environment!


Oh I do not want to peek at my account after today's shopping. I just lost it. Started with Scorett not having the shoes I wanted. So I tried another pair, and another pair, and another pair, aaaand another pair, finally buying the first of them... Then I managed to go straight away from the shopping centre, but I only got as far as my favourite vintage shop Made by No One, I was just taking a look! And this is what I bought......
Mid-calf length skirt, plaited belt and a flannel shirt

Love the pattern on the skirt!
When will I ever learn that there's no such thing as 'just taking a look'?
I also managed to squeeze in a last minute buy, a feather earring...
At least I won't have to go shopping for some time now, and to be fair, it is all vintage! Except for the boots...
Oh fuck it, who am I fooling...? I'll probably go shopping laready tomorrow again... Well, I am going to Copenhagen and the owner of Made by No One did say it was good shopping there.... Justified? Yes, I think so! Economically do-able? Erhm.......

10 oktober 2010


Seriously this train is vibrating so much that I have to look three times at what I write. I feel like I'm riding a horse without a saddle, it's like off rail train riding for the more adventurous of us public transport-riders.
I hope I can get a refund... Do I even need to mention that the trian is late?!

I ♥ technology

Japanese company Blest has created a machine that converts several types of plastic into oil.
Read the article here

This is an amazing discovery! I hope it will spread throughout the world and revolutionise our way of living.
There is hope for mankind.


The zeitgeist movement (.com) has an interesting view on humanity, the earth and our society. In general the movement is working towards a resource-based society, completely removing the monetary system. It might be hard to believe some things but the films are definitely worth seeing. Via this website you can watch the films for free. Maybe you will flush the theory down the toilet, maybe it will awaken something in you, doubt, confusion, anger... It touched something in me and I'm still exploring their website to try to make sense of my thoughts and feelings. 
The earth in prison, its people in chains

Watch the films.


I missed my train. By two hours... Thought I booked it for 1209 but apparently I should have been there already at 1009... How irritating! So I had to pay a new ticket (well correction mum paid) and go with Sven and mum to IKEA. I'm not complaining, always enjoy a visit to Ikea! I got a toilet brush so finally I'm going to clean inside the toilet, the only place which isn't spotless!

If you are hung over and feeling generally like a dog ate you and spat you back up then take a look at Sofis mode, shape up and get inspired. Nice new front, very Sex and the City!

09 oktober 2010


My black long skirt is finished, thank you mum! If Carlsberg did mothers it would probably be the best mother in the world... and it would be my mum! <3

What I need now is some nice shoes for the autumn/winter and these shoes are definitely on the top of the list!
SixtySeven boots

Wroom wrooooooom

Today I helped mum sort out some areas in the old apartment, so many old things, so many memories. Sven's son has moved in with his girlfriend and he happens to be friends with my first boyfriend, Christopher. I was 12 and we were together for I think three or so months. I remember that he gave me a beautiful pink cristal heart, which I still have in my little box of memories. Was a long time back then.... And among all the old memories an old love walked in... 10 years ago... It's funny though, because it still felt like we were friends, as if there was no way ten years ago had passed since we last saw each other. I think girls especially get attached to the first real crushes they have on boys, and it's fun to think back at the time when love was naiv, uncomplicated and just simple...

To the wrooom part! Sven took me out on their new motorbike today! Wow. Incredible. I borrowed my mum's bike set, little bit too big but it worked and off we went!

So excited!
We were gone for 1 h 20 min, just travelling on small roads with lots of curves, accelerated when the road stretched out straight, the power is amazing. It was so beautiful, the colours of the trees shifted in greens, reds and yellows, we saw lots of  roe deer and even mroe came out when the mist started to cover the fields. So peaceful in the midst of all that power and speed! Wroom wroom wroooooom...................

08 oktober 2010


So this week has been exam week... Explains my lack of presence.
It was hard but I must admit rather fun to be back to writing essays. I've missed the time at IB, crazy I know...

I'm in Eskilstuna to visit my dear clumpsy mum who fell in the stairs at home. She's fine but has an infected foot. I'm still a bit afraid of death and accidents since the Paris accident... It'll pass with time I guess. I still delt I needed to come up for a while, sort out the apartment and such...

I decided to go shopping a little bit, celebrating my finished essays! Didn't find anything really in the big department stores, nothing speaks to me... Well, almost nothing, I did find a nice knitted top, very common, but I liked the colour.
Love it!
 and this bow in chiffong
So pretty!
I also invested in a new face serum and cream for the cold chilly days of winter. A very gay guy recommended Lumene so after years with clinique I accept that my studenthood does not allow for these luxurious ways... I think I'll be O.K.