25 oktober 2010

Can't take it

I just could not take sitting at home "resting" anymore so I begged, yes literally begged my boss to let me work. It was hard but I was very happy!
Thrilled to be going into work.
Well, I've never been sane...
It was "branschkväll" tonight. Wallmans people from Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm and loads of other people as well. Such a good night! Mia, bitch... My glass was half full and suddenly another glass is in front of me, that one is half full and suddenly a f*ing long island is waiting for me; a strong one as well. Don't know if you are supposed to get drunk when you have a low blood value and take the pills I take, but don't care, I had fun!

I have challenged myself not to buy new clothes (I don't actually NEED) and reuse my wardrobe. This knitted dress is probably five years old and I still love it...

Unfortuntaly there were absolutely no good photos from tonight. None.

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