31 december 2011

christmas 2011

Christmas in Gothenburg
Louise and Lejka
Louise loves her spontaneous performances
And so do we !
Our little santa.
Tobias got kinect, so we had to try it out,
Don't have a clue what move this is
supposed to be

Hope everyone has had a merry christmas!
Happy new year!

19 december 2011

Flyttäventyr med bästa Julia

Moving adventures with my girl Jules. Man, good times. We probably giggle more than we move, and unfortunately we probably embarrass ourselves as much.

Paris - pictures says it all no?
One takes what one has.
A sheet will do.
Actually before this move Julia and Helena kindly helped me to move from the banlieue, we ended up pouring out half a litre of lentils in the metro and smashing three wine glasses. The metro was packed as we were crawling on the floor trying to pick up the pieces without getting stepped on. We finally realised that no one cares and we are just embarrassing each other further.

This latest experience was held in Lund. Just a few days ago. It all began with a us having to remove a bike holding thingy from the back of the van. Otherwise we wouldn't be able to open the trunk, ergo, no moving the armchair, ergo, all for nothing. We tried three different spanners, loosened every bolt without getting it off. I finally lost my patience and asked a guy to help us. He kindly accepted with a smirk on his face with grew in to a very demeaning smile when I tried to hand him the spanner; "uhm hehe I don't need that". Five seconds and five little smooth moves later he handed us the bike thingy. It was indeed embarrassing. 
Everything loaded, we set off. It's a rather big van so when Julia pulled out on the street I thought "hmm well I guess the car needs leeway to get roun.... Julia what the hell are you doing?!" Hit the breaks, "what?" "you are driving on the wrong side of the road!!". "Oh" Cars are coming from both ways so Julia quickly tries to get the not so flexible car over the the right side while we're both giggling like thirteen yr olds! After that not much fun happened, we just nearly crashed with a car, all the usual stuff you know...

Bless you Julia! 
You are an angel!


Finally finished for this year! Three exams done, moved out and trained up to G-burg. Here is my past week in pictures: 
Spanish x-mas dinner
Last exam finished! So time to party!
The night was finished off by falling with my bike, followed by Lawson who actually fell twice... My thigh is killing me. But it didn't stop the party from continuing at home with baileys and egg throwing. Don't ask.

12 december 2011

Julklappstips 12

Do a good deed and support the cove guardians.
 ♥ read about it here  
The empire building is red to highlight the killings in the Cove.

At Onya you can find these bags that replace the plastic bags used for vegetables and fruits in the supermarkets. Try and count how many small plastic bags you use during one month and then you'll get an idea of how this small action can have a great impact...

11 december 2011

Julklappstips 11

Host a party

Invite your friends for some food and drinks or just hang out. My closest friends are all spread out so I'm hoping we can all meet up for dinner this christmas. Perfect present for everyone!

Julbord chez Selma
Christmas quiz!
Sandor the world's cutest dog!

10 december 2011

Julklappstips 10


One of the most bought and appreciated gifts I suppose. Why not invest in ethical and environmentally friendly jewellery?

Tiny Masters - has a range of "eco jewellery" supplied by ECOGULD. Their gold and silver is ethically harvested and they are involved in projects rto restore and improve eco systems where mining has occurred/is occurring.

ute decker - really cool sculptured jewellery.
Avasarah - unfortunately I just saw that this store is closed due to illness. Hopefully they'll open up soon again. These are some of my favourites: They can also be found with words like dreams, hope, calm
Eco jewellery tend to be hand-made, which is great but makes it rather expensive. However, considering the lessened cost on the environment I think it's definitely worth it! There is always vintage shopping as well...

I'm considering buying myself some inspiration.

09 december 2011

Bomans commercial

Haha guess who's a famous movie star now?!
I have worked at Bomans Hotell i Trosa every summer for four years now. This summer they were shooting a commercial, which has just started running on tv4. If you haven't been to Trosa I can strongly recommend it! I love Bomans =)

Julklappstips 9

Who doesn't love candles?!

But did you know that most candles contain paraffin wax which comes from oil, animal wax or beeswax and all of these options are unfortunately not very sustainable. However, do not panic. There are many options to find candles that are less hazardous for both the environment and for us.

Heaven Scent 
(google it and you'll find loads of places who sell it)
This company only uses organic products harvested in a sustainable manner. Their raw materials are retracable to local plantations and the company is part of the UN Global Compact (no comments on the efficiency of that organisation) and the roundtable on sustainable palm oil. 

A green gift, good for both mind, soul and the earth.

08 december 2011

last meeting

Last unicef meeting we did dinner at Krischan nation. Unfortunately, not many people were available, I probably should have been studying too to be fair, exam period coming up. Grammar on Friday already! Shit that's tomorrow.... Well, it was really nice to see some of the girls again, for the last time before I come back from Aus.. You shall be missed!

Julklappstips 8

Make your own little christmas basket

A nice bottle of organic wine (preferably "local-ish")
Home-made or organic/fairtrade sweets
Organic cheese
A nice organic marmalade or jam
Massage oil, or other (sustainable) products

Just make something up, based on what the person likes, how much you want to spend etc
Think green

07 december 2011

I informed you thusly

A new report on the causes of cancer is published in The British Journal of Cancer. The research showed that diet and lifestyle had a significant role in the causes of cancer.
The lack of fruit and veg in the diet was the second most important factor for men after smoking! In women overweight is a major cause of certain cancers, which I believe also has to do with a lack of fruit and vegetables and an excess of processed foods such as sweets.

Yet another reason to eat more vegetables and cut down on meat!

Read the whole article here

Julklappstips 7

Lush have some wonderful and sustainable products!
Here are two christmas gifts you can find on their website:

06 december 2011

Julklappstips 6

Know how to knit?
Well get knitting!
Who doesn't love to get beautiful knits in the cold winter.....

Urban Wool is a swedish company where you can buy knit-kits to learn how to knit. All their products are organic and/or pruduced in Sweden. Their objective is a sustainable slow fashion where nothing gets wasted.
Here are some of their designs:

05 december 2011

Julklappstips 5

Concert tickets! I so rarely actually buy tickets to a band I want to see so look up and see if any of your friend's or family's favourite bands are playing near you...
Laura Marling
The best concert I've ever been to...
Serene and personal; fantastic.

04 december 2011

Inside Job

A documentary about the financial crisis of 2008. Literally don't know where to start. It makes me so angry.

The men who literally caused the financial crisis by deregulation of banks and complicated intricate systems are still in power now. They have not been held accountable, they have not paid a single cent for what they caused. It is the poorest who've paid. Surprise surprise...

I feel a sort of apathy. I despise these men and women who are led by their greed for money. How can they just walk over people without an inch of remorse? It is truly shocking.

Watch it!

Julklappstips 4

"The christmas gifts your friends don't need"
On the websites of NGOs such as UNICEF you can buy gifts for people in need such as:
school material
Mosquito nets to
prevent malaria
You can buy everything from disaster packets to footballs or bikes. Guaranteed to be appreciated by the receiver and it is the thought that counts so your friend will highly likely appreciate it too. It is a beautiful present. 

Most organisations have some sort of christmas gift system, but since I'm an UNICEF volonteer and children rights advocate I will of course promote UNICEF!

03 december 2011

Julklappstips 3

Why buy new when you can buy old?
Julia at the market in Clignancourt, Paris
Love this photo!


Mysteriet på Greveholm det är den bästa julkalendern! Någonsin! Så på kåren har vi julmys med glögg och gamla barndomsminnen...

The perfect start to a day full of studying. Well, half a day because we had a vernissage in Bunkeflostrand or something, lets just say in Malmö. Three project manager students had a great idea which they together with unicef and Ängslättskolan turned into reality. Around 70 students, maybe around 11 yr old, painted 36 paintings together, with the theme children's rights, which were then shown and sold at a vernissage at a library. Great event!
 I really fell for this painting! 
Love is important

The night was finished off by watching Funny Face with Hanna. I love old feel-good films, especially with the irresistible Audrey Hepburn...
Bonjour Paris!