19 december 2011

Flyttäventyr med bästa Julia

Moving adventures with my girl Jules. Man, good times. We probably giggle more than we move, and unfortunately we probably embarrass ourselves as much.

Paris - pictures says it all no?
One takes what one has.
A sheet will do.
Actually before this move Julia and Helena kindly helped me to move from the banlieue, we ended up pouring out half a litre of lentils in the metro and smashing three wine glasses. The metro was packed as we were crawling on the floor trying to pick up the pieces without getting stepped on. We finally realised that no one cares and we are just embarrassing each other further.

This latest experience was held in Lund. Just a few days ago. It all began with a us having to remove a bike holding thingy from the back of the van. Otherwise we wouldn't be able to open the trunk, ergo, no moving the armchair, ergo, all for nothing. We tried three different spanners, loosened every bolt without getting it off. I finally lost my patience and asked a guy to help us. He kindly accepted with a smirk on his face with grew in to a very demeaning smile when I tried to hand him the spanner; "uhm hehe I don't need that". Five seconds and five little smooth moves later he handed us the bike thingy. It was indeed embarrassing. 
Everything loaded, we set off. It's a rather big van so when Julia pulled out on the street I thought "hmm well I guess the car needs leeway to get roun.... Julia what the hell are you doing?!" Hit the breaks, "what?" "you are driving on the wrong side of the road!!". "Oh" Cars are coming from both ways so Julia quickly tries to get the not so flexible car over the the right side while we're both giggling like thirteen yr olds! After that not much fun happened, we just nearly crashed with a car, all the usual stuff you know...

Bless you Julia! 
You are an angel!

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