17 april 2013

The Wine Store

Made my first raw balls a couple of days ago. Super easy really. Just grabbed the ingredients I had at home, few nuts and some dried fruit, coconut and chiaseeds, mixed them all up and violà!

I love this place.

Ian is going for dinner with some friends on Saturday so tonight we spontaneously went to check out what Freo ahd to offer. We were positively surprised! Although there is not much in the centre of Freo (to my opinion) there is plenty in South, East and North! We found a few places in South Freo but decided on Barque in East Freo. We also checked out The Wine Store on George St and ended up grabbing a glass and enjoying their $2 tapas-to-grab. Awesome system, just grab what you want and put the toothpicks in a little bowel, bring the bowel to the counter when you are done and pay. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy.

When we were in South Freo we stumbled upon the amazing lightning show nature put on out on the sea. The photos really didn't capture how incredible it was. Dead-quiet, just the occasional lightning up of the sky behind some clouds creating a beautiful night sky.

15 april 2013

We Won

We won people! I mean we actually won! The gas hub at James Price Point is a NO GO, it will not happen. Barnett can keep hoping but the fact is that it will not happen.
Cheers everyone!
 A big thank you to Pete who has been working on the Kimberley for 20 years and specifically this campaign for the last 7 years. This is arguable the biggest enviro win in the history of Australia. We won against multinational corporations, the EPA and a determined Premier. Let this be an inspiration to everyone who is fighting for something in your community. For everyone who said we were wasting our time I'm shoving this in your faces in the nicest, most loving way possible and next time I hope you join us!
 If there were more people in Parliament like this incredible man, Senator Scott Ludlam, the world would be a much better and sustainable place. Thank you for all your hard work, you are an inspiration to us all!

We can change the world.

10 april 2013

Sick leave

After the Passenger gig my housemate and I came down with some nasty fever stomach fluey thing. Wasn't pleasant that's for sure. So Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday was spent mostly in horizontal position at home. As a result of this I fell behind on my major project (that I was already behind on...) and had to spend the next few late evenings in the uni library. Fun times.
Sunday was a beautiful day that had to be spent at the beach

Freo arts festival/markets: Peta Cirovic, awesome busker.
I love Freo 

 There is a really cool new space that has opened up in Perth called spacecubed 
This is a place where entrepreneurs can help their business take off in a collaborative and innovative environment. Check it out!
If you need a cheeky little nap
Gracie has turned 21! Congrats gorgeous!
Caez and I took her out for dinner. We were hoping to go to Jamie's Italian that just opened up, looks awesome, but we wouldn't have been able to get a table until 10.30 so we went to the Greenhouse instead. A really cool "green" restaurant who recycles their water, bring sin locl produce and serves food in flower pots haha!

Healthy start of the day! Morning walk at sunrise, bit of yoga and banana pancake.
I made it with 1 banana, 1 egg, a spoon of a yoghurt,  spoon of LSA meal and some cinnamon. I served it with chia seeds, yoghurt, kiwi, raspberries, coconut and hazelnuts. Topped off with a glass of spirulina smoothie.
Yummy in the tummy!