17 april 2013

The Wine Store

Made my first raw balls a couple of days ago. Super easy really. Just grabbed the ingredients I had at home, few nuts and some dried fruit, coconut and chiaseeds, mixed them all up and violà!

I love this place.

Ian is going for dinner with some friends on Saturday so tonight we spontaneously went to check out what Freo ahd to offer. We were positively surprised! Although there is not much in the centre of Freo (to my opinion) there is plenty in South, East and North! We found a few places in South Freo but decided on Barque in East Freo. We also checked out The Wine Store on George St and ended up grabbing a glass and enjoying their $2 tapas-to-grab. Awesome system, just grab what you want and put the toothpicks in a little bowel, bring the bowel to the counter when you are done and pay. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy.

When we were in South Freo we stumbled upon the amazing lightning show nature put on out on the sea. The photos really didn't capture how incredible it was. Dead-quiet, just the occasional lightning up of the sky behind some clouds creating a beautiful night sky.

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  1. så najs med vinstället, jag gillar vin och tapas, det hade varit optimalt! =)