02 maj 2013


There's too much going on at the moment! But in a good way!
I have to give myself some cred before embarking on updating y'all. I study full-time, intern 12 hrs/w and I work two jobs. I think I'm doing pretty well!

Been hanging out at TWS (The Wilderness Society) and went to the Pone Express for some good coffee the other day. This mural is so awesome!!
 Seen a fair few amazing sunsets lately. Not so much tonight though, it started to piss it down when I was half way through my run but I always say I love the rain (by that I mean to listen to it from inside with a cup of tea) so I ran on with a smile.

Woodside's AGM.
We celebrated the win on JPP and congratulated all the shareholders on their "good" decision to leave JPP alone. We also encouraged them to give the money that they promised to the community as they are still going to extract the gas, just not build a gas plant where the indigenous burial sites are located....

I'm getting hell into my headstands, handstands and elbowstands! Any stand except the conventional I suppose! Marc, Rosie and I had a wicked session at the Esplanade park practising headstands etc the other day! Poor Marc got a couple of kicks in the head but that's all part of it haha

After the session in the park Marc and I headed to Murdoch for Senator Scott Ludlam's lecture on Sustainable Perth 2029. Really interesting! Check out the app Bike blackspot if you are in Perth! It allows you to tag all the dodgy places around the city to alert the councils to do something about it!

I've been hanging out with this lovely lady lots and lots. Gorgeous Naz who is the most beautiful person inside and out! 
 Naz and I did some café hopping in Maylands Wednesday. First Sherbert(?) for some lunch then Mrs S for more lunch as we were still hungry. We had cake and coffee as well and walked away with a food baby. And to make it even worse we went into Marcs café where you can have 'bottomless' tea for $5.5! But since we coldn't fit ANY more in we ended up having just one tea and completely not getting the best out of that deal. Oh well.
We should not be left alone for too long though or it starts to get silly. Silly bean. Beans. Where are we?!

Afraid those are all the photos I've managed to talk the past couple of weeks. Pretty poor effort, I will ahve to get better. Waaay past my bedtime now though as I have a 5.30 wake up tomorrow and REGGAE NIGHT!

Note* Got to talk to Micha a couple of days ago and crikey(!) how I miss this wonderful friend!

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