26 maj 2013

March Against Monsanto

What a great turn-out! I am thrilled to have seen so many people come out and join us to stand up against Monsanto. Apparently over 2 million people have marched in cities around the world. In Perth the last count stated around 1600 people joined the march!

Josh from the Greens joins the march before his flight back to Canberra - dedication!
Walked pass a jazz festival - some cool things going on in Perth... 

Please don't think that these are just activists who don't care about the economy blah blah blah. These are farmers, parents, workers, retirees, students, environmentalists - people from all walks of life - coming together for a common concern for the future of our food supply. All we want is the choice between organic, GMO-free food and GMO-food. We also want farmers who choose to grow organic, non-GMO crops to be protected from companies such as Monsanto. If a farmer's crop in contaminated by Monsanto's GMOseeds these farmers face a potential law suit for "infringement" on Monsanto's patented crops in addition to a risk in losing their organic status. It should not be the responsibility of the organic farmer to protect its crop against Monsanto's seeds, it should be Monsanto's responsibility to refrain from contaminating other farmers' crops. There is an app called BUYCOTT that helps you identify products that contain GMOs. I don't care about the science saying that there is no difference between GMO and regular crop, all I know is that the pesticides that Monsanto requires you to use are killing bees, affecting biodiversity and ruining the soil. I do not want these pesticides in my body. Do you?

On a more pleasant note, Claire and I went to see Matt Corby the other night at the Astor in Perth. What a singer that man is... Wow.
On the way home we passed this children's playground in the cultural centre with all these musical instruments, we just couldn't help ourselves....

On another positive note, Friday night a bunch of us young people met up in Senator Scott Ludlam's office to brainstorm how to secure his seat in the senate. It is incredibly important since it is likely that the liberals will win and if they win both houses we can kiss the environment goodbye... But that won't happen because this awesome bunch of people will get the Greens some more seats this term!

Your vote counts - don't ever forget that.

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