22 maj 2013

What is your vision?

It is obvious that it is the end of the semester as suddenly all my assignments are due. I thought I was on top of them but turns out that I am very much underneath them... and the weight is slowly crushing me. Slightly melodramatic, it's not that bad! I'm sure this is how every student is feeling at the moment...

How I will miss this beautiful location!

Oh what a spontaneous and insanely good failed night.
Walk-walk back, squeeze into one car-take two, go in to the café-'harass' (Andrew!) waitress-walk out, find a bottleshop, go to the wrong IGA, go to the right IGA, car alarm goes off. and off. and off. Classy wine, custard and trust exercise hahaha

FILTER COFFEE! Too bad they didn't let me put milk in it.....

Ah, the voice....

My new friend whom I haven't had a chance to play with yet =(
 Insane dancing
 Venn Bar
 Snapchat! - the most useless app

Hands Across the Land - NO to fossil fuels YES to clean energy

It makes me cry when I think of all the harm we have caused this Earth.
Tell me how neo-liberal capitalism have improved life for humans? For all humans. 
How can the state correct for these 'externalities' when neo-liberal capitalism promotes privatisation and decreased state-control? It is a
No, this system is for the lucky few.
While their wealth keeps growing our civilisation is in crisis.
Man has never lived in a world where the CO2 levels have been over 400 ppm.
We are drilling for oil in the deep-sea, planning coal-mining stations 50 km from the Whitsundays in the Barrier Reef, fracking up our country-side and water supplies, destroying huge ecosystems, fishing out the ocean and more all in the name of PROFITS.
Call me an environmentalist, socialist, feminist whatever you would like. 
I am proud to be all those things but I refuse to let that define me.
I have a vision of a better world where materialism is not the driver of society. A system that does not rests solely on the continuous consumption of worthless goods and services or it will fall apart. We made this system and we can change it.
The world I want to live in is a world where people care about each other, communities support each other and you are valued for the content of your character rather than the money in your pocket. This is a world where we respect and appreciate the limits of our Earth and the species that share this planet with us. A world run by clean energy, cities that are water-sensitive and green, beaches that are plastic-free, healthy forests and a rich biodiverse world. 

What is your vision?

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