07 juni 2012

Weekday veg

Graham Hill explains why he became a weekday vegetarian in 4 minutes. Might change you life...
Benefits of cutting your meat consumption: 
  • save millions of animals from factory farm conditions
  • might make you live longer (a hamburger a day could shorten your life 1/3...)
  • makes you healthier (you might even lose some weight)
  • the environment benefits significantly - less pollution, less water and energy consumption, less transport...
  • you lessen your footprint on earth
(the other 4 minutes of the clip is some weird short film....)

06 juni 2012

Blinco Street Cafe & The Moon Cafe

Pizza night at Blinco street with live music. Awesome café. Go!

The Moon Café Jazz bar. Wicked place! Go!

Bored people in the train station....

Road trip trial

Heading south!
 Saw lots and lots of roos. Luckily they stayed in the fields! We saw two boxing, the funniest thing!
 Soaking up some valuable sun. Yes I look like a widow...
 Beautiful whale watching spot of Dunsborough. No whales =(
 Happy faces before our lunch landed in the red sand... 

 First stop somewhere on the coast near Margaret River.
 Good morning sunrise!! 
Best birthday greeting ever!
 I could get used to this... 
 Pretty van, who's a pretty van!? She still doesn't have a name but we're working on it, feel free to throw in some suggestions!
 Heading back up north.
 Fynn found a kite surfing spot in Busselton. 
He also thought it would be a good idea to teach me how to handle the kite. So I put on a harness and he hooked on the safety strap. The kite was still hooked on to him as he was showing me about wind windows and whatnot. A gust of wind comes and lifts Fynn up a couple of metres. Problem is that I'm hooked on as well!! So when I see him go off I look down and think shit. Next thing I know I go flying forwards and get dragged along the sand. Needless to say I was over kiting..... However, Fynn insisted I give it a try so I did. Still not keen on kiting...

Next thing we headed up to see Fynn's relatives in Bunbury and celebrate my birthday. They were really sweet and even got me a present which I didn't expect at all! 
All in all an excellent roady trial! 
Let's just hope the old gal makes it through the inspection without too much hassle!