31 augusti 2012

Palm oil

Earlier this week a picture posted on FB affected me very deeply. More than I thought. I sobbed, I mean properly sobbed for a good five minutes and I couldn't stop thinking about it all week. 
A lot of things have made me quite sad recently, how we treat our fellow humans, our environment and the animals living with us. I don't understand how people have the heart to do some of the things we do. I understand that some people do not have a choice, they have to feed themselves and their families but the people in the big corporations that cause these things. How do they sleep at night? (very comfortably on a big pile of money someone once said...)

So the palm oil business. It's in so many of our food and body products. To produce it a whole bunch of trees (the understatement of the year) are cut down and to keep animals from eating the precious fruit the growers use fire to chase them out. However, of course many animals, including the orangutan (threatened to extinction already), die from the fire. This poor little fella dropped from the tree with severe burns and likely some broken bones. All for us in the Western world so we can enjoy our processed foods and make ourselves pretty. It's truly sad. So come on people, it doesn't have to be this way. There are alternatives to palm oil namely corn, canola and sunflower oil. 

Please consider:
  • Avoiding buying products with palm oil in them! (look for palm oil, palm kernels anything with palm)
  • Writing to the corporations that use palm oil and urge them to stop
Here's a list of some of the biggest corporate devils:
- Colgate-Palmolive
- Nestle (big surprise here)
- Arnott's biscuits (no more Tim-Tams NOOOOOOOOO!! Evelina, what are we going to do??!!)
- Coles homebrands
- L'Oréal
- Unilever ie. Sunsilk, Dove etc
buh, it just goes on and on......

If you want to know more about this visit saynotopalmoil.com

30 augusti 2012


It's "swedish summer" and I spent the day at the beach!
Backpackers having fun...
Now: New season of The Big Bang Theory!!


American comedian/political satirist/actor and whatnot Stephen Colbert

29 augusti 2012

At the Attic

Try to study at the Attic but it's going slow...
Really good coffee
Just hanging
This morning I went for a powerwalk but there was very little power in it. Man, my legs are just dragging behind. Suddenly stairs is a real obstacle! Nevertheless, I was in a baking mood this morning so I decided to make some healthy carrot muffins. Now, I don't really do recipes and measurements so I was pleasantly surprised over how successful it turned out!
Rough recipe:
1 cup oats, soaked for a few minutes
2 grated carrots
Some wholegrain flour
A handful of grated coconut
A spoon of flaxseed
A sprinkle of rice milk (any milk will do it I guess)
2 eggs
A few dates, pecan nuts and whatever else you want to throw in, the more the merrier!
A touch of raw sugar

That is how specific I can be unfortunately.

These muffins are superhealthy and superdelicious!

28 augusti 2012

I want Moore

I had my meeting with the girls from ERM (Environmental Resources Management), unfortunately they are not running an internship this semester! Gutted. But they liked my CV and if I stay in Australia next semester they want to invite me for a formal interview. Merde. So.... Another semester in Perth perhaps?

I had a relapse into shopping after the meeting. Bought a pair of shoes (did need them kinda), a bikini (did kinda need one as well, not by Fynn's standards which means you don't need a new one until you're standing at the beach naked...), a t-shirt (did not need that.) and a pair of massive earrings (did certainly not need them either). *sigh* AND I received my packet from asos today, two beautiful summer dresses! So, yeah been a day of shopping really...

Went home to eat lunch, since I'd spent so much money, before I went to Moore & Moore for a chai latte and some studying.
Finally, I went to the gym with my housemate Toby and his friend. Toby as an ex-personal trainer really knew how to get my legs working! Tomorrow will be painful...

27 augusti 2012

Tyreless truck

This weekend has been non-stop on the go! Friday I picked up a children's truck for my arts project. Only downside: I had to buy two big bags worth of toys..... One of which was very noisy and unfortunately also very touch sensitive. This lead to quite a few embarrassing moments on the bus, the lecture hall and in the waiting room at the doctors (I'm fine...). Luckily, the nurses and a future mother at the gp's were interested in the spare toys I had. I was going to donate them to the hospital but this worked out excellently!

I spent the evening eating tiramisu, drinking tea and gossiping with my dear friend Reggie into the early hours of the morning as usual... Now the problem is that I'm a morning person whereas Reggie is anything but a morning person. In fact, he might just be the grumpiest morning person I've ever met... So I entertained myself Saturday morning until I could get poor sleep-deprived Reggae up to go and view flats for him and his girlfriend. Exciting! The remainder of the day we hung out by the river, drank coffee and dashed around before I got dropped off at work to earn some much-needed cash.

This week is a study week so there will be a lot of working, little studying and hopefully lots of enjoying myself. Today has been a productive day indeed! Done laundry, cleaned the house, worked on my boyfriend's b'day present (out in good time...), took out my rage on the tyres of the truck with a knife. I should clarify, I cut off the tyres of a children's truck, not a real one. Toby, my house mate, was moderately concerned with my safety... went on to plant the basil in it, hopefully it'll grow nice and big! Then I made some pumpkin soup and garlic bread, yummy! Mended some of Toby's clothes and watched an old tv-series favourite: Charmed! Good old Charmed haha...
Time to get going to Freo to meet up with some colleagues. Just one drink cause someone has a meeting with Environmental Resources Management tomorrow!

23 augusti 2012


Top three gigs for sure!!
Passenger is fantastic, his voice is really unique and his lyrics funny and original. 
The epic atmosphere made it a great night!
Thank you Russ for saving my night.
 I had a very blonde moment and forgot my passport. You'd think I would've learned after nearly eight months....
The Man.
I've tried to upload a video to show you the wicked ambience but it won't work so you'll just have to go and see him yourselves!

(yes Fynn I know....)

21 augusti 2012

Wide eyes, Blind love

Busy times! Studies, work and fun mark my week. Can't complain. Dasha wrote today on FB to see the positive in life and I really needed to hear that. I am stuck in all the negative info about what we are doing to the environment. However, I'm not going to achieve anything being miserable... So here are all the positive events and people in my life this past week:

Myself - This week will be a positive one!
 Anti-fracking protest
Nice to feel like you are actively trying to make a difference

Spent the day in town with beautiful Victoria, being evacuated from Harbour Town, eating sushi and drinking coffee in the sun at South Perth foreshore. 

Gil's last night out:
You will be missed by us all 
Sorry about the poor quality photos...
Linn's fake pregnancy belly
My foam cider. That's what happens when you drop it...
Probably should have left it in hind sight.
Had my first two day hang over.....
Won $10 off Anthony! Woop woop!
Where did they go?
Sunday roadtrip to Bunbury with Victoria, Emma and Ellen
Here at some winery. It was a painful but beautiful day...

Sunday dinner with Gil and poisson d'or staff. Last meal...

Tomorrow I'm going to see Passenger, my favourite artist at the moment. Nothing else is playing in my speakers at the moment!

16 augusti 2012


Last night I read an article that confirmed all my worst anticipations concerning climate change. I cried. Bill McKibben presented in his article Global Warming's Terrifying New Math three numbers that will change our life forever.

1. 2 degrees. With the climatic changes we are seeing today the top climate scientists are putting 2 degrees as the upper level of what we will be able to handle. After that we will see catastrophic changes. Changes that will not only require us to adapt but animals and plants. Now, we might have the technology to be able to handle all the changes to the climate but will plants and animals adapt? What will happen to food? We're already in a bit of a food crisis...

2. 565 gigatons is how much more carbon we can let out in the atmosphere if we want to stop at 2 degrees,

3. 2 795 gigatons is how much industry have planned to let out. It's their current assets which define the value of their company. This is five times as much as the 2 degrees limit can handle. On top of that, all the oil and gas companies are planning to keep drilling in new places, wherever they can. They are thrilled that the arctic ice is melting because it means that they can explore it for oil and gas. You know what, they already have permits!

So in light of these numbers, anyone else who feel as hopeless as me?

If we want our future to look somewhat bright we need to push for political change. Only then are we going to be able to stop the oil and gas companies. And yes it will be expensive but in the end money is only made up by thin air...

15 augusti 2012

The Sky Is Pink

The follow up to Josh Fox Gasland:

Evidence is mounting against the safety of fracking and yet WA is in the process of adopting it. In fact seven wells have been drilled already, one in a nature reserve riht next to two lakes... Brilliant idea!
If you care at all about your drinking water contact your state government and express your concern or come to the rally this Saturday 1 pm at Murray St. mall in Perth!

Is fracking going on in your country? 

Mr. Condom

Mechai Viravaidya is a real character who presents a successful project of reducing the population growth in Thailand from 3.3 % to 0.5 % and in addition the condom project reduced the number of new cases of AIDS/HIV by 90 %. Even if you are not that interested this talk is frank, forward and really funny.

14 augusti 2012

The top 100

Some great things are happening, slowly but surely.
Jason Clay works with the WWF to get the top 100 companies of the top 15 commodities of concern to the environment to change their behaviour. And, it's working!

11 augusti 2012


Life is confusing, painful and wonderful
The bridges run
"He doesn't talk much, mainly whistles, that's how
I locate him in the store"
- IGA co-worker
The view from my job. Not a bad one really....
Moore & Moore café, one of my favourites

07 augusti 2012


This brand from Australia is my new favourite! 
I haven't been a fan of organic, natural schampoo and conditioner until now! These products are amazing! My hair becomes supersmooth and shiny. Even after a week in Bali with sun and salt water, no brush and just a general mistreatment of my poor hair it only took a one treatment of conditioner for my hair to be completely untangled! 
Love these products!

06 augusti 2012

"Natural" gas

The name is confusing as natural gas is not a renewable, clean and green energy. Especially not if extracted by using the method of fracking.

Fracking is the process of drilling a well and pouring a liquid containing 596 toxic chemicals into the well to fracture the shale and free up natural gas. Each "frack" requires 1-8 million gallons of water and each well can be "fracked" up to 18 times. Add to this the transport of the water and the contamination and the image drawn isn't pretty. On top of this, every frack requires up to 300 tonnes of chemicals which haven't been disclosed because of a law protecting the gas companies. However, substances such as benzene have been identified.

Now if this energy source is so "safe" then why are the gas companies exempted from the Safe Drinking Water Act (1974)? Why do people have to sign non-disclosure agreements? Act 13 requires doctors treating people for fracking related illnesses, that is exposure to harmful chemicals, to sign a non-disclosure agreement. It is shocking really.

Recent studies confirms that fracking is linked to an increase in earthquakes and seismic activity in the US and the UK.

Fracking is extremely unsafe, expensive and harmful to humans, animals and the environment.  

Want to know more? Watch Gasland or just surf the internet. If in Perth, join the No Fracking WAy on FB.

Simple solutions

If this guy acts as fast as he talks America will be green and organic within the year! 

Stephen Ritz, a school teacher, has initiated a wonderful project in the South Bronx. He is teaching his kids about good, organic foods and how to grow them! Attendance has gone up from 40 % to 93 % so he sure is having an effect on these kids and on society! 
Gotta love Ted!

05 augusti 2012

John Forrest

Trekking in the National Park up in Perth Hills with the new exchange students.
I had forgotten the sound of silence. No cars, no people, only birds and trees (and bugs).

A very good day


Fynn and I were looking forward to this holiday so much, beautiful tropics and beaches and cheap food. I must say this was the most disappointing holiday I've ever done and I have never before felt a longing to leave a place...
On the negative side were:
- Rubbish absolutely everywhere, E V E R Y W H E R E
- Scooters and traffic also absolutely everywhere! You couldn't walk on the narrow sidewalks because you get hassled to come into a stall by the locals but you couldn't walk on the street either because of the heavy traffic! My favourite is when the scooters go on the sidewalks if it's a one-way street. Love it.
- Sooo touristy. So so touristy...

On the positive!:
+ cheap local food (unless you are in Kuta and eat at all the damn Aussie inspired places...)
+ such a vibrant culture albeit a bit touristy
+ good surf (I guess)

We rented a scooter in Kuta, it was lethal. Here we've just fueled up by buying two bottles of Absolut Vodka filled with petrol....

Finally reached Padang Padang where they held a surfing competition. Beautiful place but crowded and prepare to get hassled.

After our death ride to Padang Padang we decided to leave hell (Kuta) and go to Medewi, a quiet surfer spot, with Fynn's friends Ewan and Mairie.
For $7 a night for a room you get what you pay for.
Part of the charm...
Our favourite restaurant (and only)
Cheap and delicious food and drinks
Ewan and Mairie
There wasn't much to do here: Surf, Eat, Surf, Eat, Sleep...
From Medewi we got on another bemo (public transport) to Denpasar (another part of hell) and made our way to Ubud. Here we found a gorgeous homestay for only $13 a night!
Mama chicken and her little babies.
The Breakfast
Banana pancakes with coconut and palm sugar and
a big fruit salad. 
New camera with panorama function.

Ubud market

An unimpressed Fynn

Elephant cave

Balinese Legong Dance

And here the camera died.