05 augusti 2012


Fynn and I were looking forward to this holiday so much, beautiful tropics and beaches and cheap food. I must say this was the most disappointing holiday I've ever done and I have never before felt a longing to leave a place...
On the negative side were:
- Rubbish absolutely everywhere, E V E R Y W H E R E
- Scooters and traffic also absolutely everywhere! You couldn't walk on the narrow sidewalks because you get hassled to come into a stall by the locals but you couldn't walk on the street either because of the heavy traffic! My favourite is when the scooters go on the sidewalks if it's a one-way street. Love it.
- Sooo touristy. So so touristy...

On the positive!:
+ cheap local food (unless you are in Kuta and eat at all the damn Aussie inspired places...)
+ such a vibrant culture albeit a bit touristy
+ good surf (I guess)

We rented a scooter in Kuta, it was lethal. Here we've just fueled up by buying two bottles of Absolut Vodka filled with petrol....

Finally reached Padang Padang where they held a surfing competition. Beautiful place but crowded and prepare to get hassled.

After our death ride to Padang Padang we decided to leave hell (Kuta) and go to Medewi, a quiet surfer spot, with Fynn's friends Ewan and Mairie.
For $7 a night for a room you get what you pay for.
Part of the charm...
Our favourite restaurant (and only)
Cheap and delicious food and drinks
Ewan and Mairie
There wasn't much to do here: Surf, Eat, Surf, Eat, Sleep...
From Medewi we got on another bemo (public transport) to Denpasar (another part of hell) and made our way to Ubud. Here we found a gorgeous homestay for only $13 a night!
Mama chicken and her little babies.
The Breakfast
Banana pancakes with coconut and palm sugar and
a big fruit salad. 
New camera with panorama function.

Ubud market

An unimpressed Fynn

Elephant cave

Balinese Legong Dance

And here the camera died.

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