27 augusti 2012

Tyreless truck

This weekend has been non-stop on the go! Friday I picked up a children's truck for my arts project. Only downside: I had to buy two big bags worth of toys..... One of which was very noisy and unfortunately also very touch sensitive. This lead to quite a few embarrassing moments on the bus, the lecture hall and in the waiting room at the doctors (I'm fine...). Luckily, the nurses and a future mother at the gp's were interested in the spare toys I had. I was going to donate them to the hospital but this worked out excellently!

I spent the evening eating tiramisu, drinking tea and gossiping with my dear friend Reggie into the early hours of the morning as usual... Now the problem is that I'm a morning person whereas Reggie is anything but a morning person. In fact, he might just be the grumpiest morning person I've ever met... So I entertained myself Saturday morning until I could get poor sleep-deprived Reggae up to go and view flats for him and his girlfriend. Exciting! The remainder of the day we hung out by the river, drank coffee and dashed around before I got dropped off at work to earn some much-needed cash.

This week is a study week so there will be a lot of working, little studying and hopefully lots of enjoying myself. Today has been a productive day indeed! Done laundry, cleaned the house, worked on my boyfriend's b'day present (out in good time...), took out my rage on the tyres of the truck with a knife. I should clarify, I cut off the tyres of a children's truck, not a real one. Toby, my house mate, was moderately concerned with my safety... went on to plant the basil in it, hopefully it'll grow nice and big! Then I made some pumpkin soup and garlic bread, yummy! Mended some of Toby's clothes and watched an old tv-series favourite: Charmed! Good old Charmed haha...
Time to get going to Freo to meet up with some colleagues. Just one drink cause someone has a meeting with Environmental Resources Management tomorrow!

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