28 augusti 2012

I want Moore

I had my meeting with the girls from ERM (Environmental Resources Management), unfortunately they are not running an internship this semester! Gutted. But they liked my CV and if I stay in Australia next semester they want to invite me for a formal interview. Merde. So.... Another semester in Perth perhaps?

I had a relapse into shopping after the meeting. Bought a pair of shoes (did need them kinda), a bikini (did kinda need one as well, not by Fynn's standards which means you don't need a new one until you're standing at the beach naked...), a t-shirt (did not need that.) and a pair of massive earrings (did certainly not need them either). *sigh* AND I received my packet from asos today, two beautiful summer dresses! So, yeah been a day of shopping really...

Went home to eat lunch, since I'd spent so much money, before I went to Moore & Moore for a chai latte and some studying.
Finally, I went to the gym with my housemate Toby and his friend. Toby as an ex-personal trainer really knew how to get my legs working! Tomorrow will be painful...

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