29 augusti 2012

At the Attic

Try to study at the Attic but it's going slow...
Really good coffee
Just hanging
This morning I went for a powerwalk but there was very little power in it. Man, my legs are just dragging behind. Suddenly stairs is a real obstacle! Nevertheless, I was in a baking mood this morning so I decided to make some healthy carrot muffins. Now, I don't really do recipes and measurements so I was pleasantly surprised over how successful it turned out!
Rough recipe:
1 cup oats, soaked for a few minutes
2 grated carrots
Some wholegrain flour
A handful of grated coconut
A spoon of flaxseed
A sprinkle of rice milk (any milk will do it I guess)
2 eggs
A few dates, pecan nuts and whatever else you want to throw in, the more the merrier!
A touch of raw sugar

That is how specific I can be unfortunately.

These muffins are superhealthy and superdelicious!

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