31 augusti 2012

Palm oil

Earlier this week a picture posted on FB affected me very deeply. More than I thought. I sobbed, I mean properly sobbed for a good five minutes and I couldn't stop thinking about it all week. 
A lot of things have made me quite sad recently, how we treat our fellow humans, our environment and the animals living with us. I don't understand how people have the heart to do some of the things we do. I understand that some people do not have a choice, they have to feed themselves and their families but the people in the big corporations that cause these things. How do they sleep at night? (very comfortably on a big pile of money someone once said...)

So the palm oil business. It's in so many of our food and body products. To produce it a whole bunch of trees (the understatement of the year) are cut down and to keep animals from eating the precious fruit the growers use fire to chase them out. However, of course many animals, including the orangutan (threatened to extinction already), die from the fire. This poor little fella dropped from the tree with severe burns and likely some broken bones. All for us in the Western world so we can enjoy our processed foods and make ourselves pretty. It's truly sad. So come on people, it doesn't have to be this way. There are alternatives to palm oil namely corn, canola and sunflower oil. 

Please consider:
  • Avoiding buying products with palm oil in them! (look for palm oil, palm kernels anything with palm)
  • Writing to the corporations that use palm oil and urge them to stop
Here's a list of some of the biggest corporate devils:
- Colgate-Palmolive
- Nestle (big surprise here)
- Arnott's biscuits (no more Tim-Tams NOOOOOOOOO!! Evelina, what are we going to do??!!)
- Coles homebrands
- L'Oréal
- Unilever ie. Sunsilk, Dove etc
buh, it just goes on and on......

If you want to know more about this visit saynotopalmoil.com

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