01 september 2012

Freo Bike Mash Up

What an epic night! Thanks to the organisers for a really successful mash-up! 400 people showed up in the rain... Well worth it.
 Bit of a grim start but the atmosphere was magic!
 Street performers joined our cycling
 The street ahead is packed with bikes! Exciting! 
Recaliming the streets, didn't get too much abuse from drivers...
 Crêpes served. 
 The wonderful climate change advocate Nick
The lovely Scotsman Blair with a multitude of professions haha
Started as a blank canvas and this was the end product at the last stop of the night. 
What a night! There were awesome DJs in the place, trampolins, crêpes being made, bike speed-dating (turned into just speed-racing..), art being painted and just so many lovely people!

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