18 september 2012

appearances deceive

You don't have to feel well to look it 
You do, however, need to feel well to do well...
I fell asleep feeling very well and woke up feeling very unwell. What happened?!
Well, I can tell you one thing that did not happen today and that was getting any study done!
I did clean the house though! Got my first couchsurfers coming through... Exciting!

Albert Einstein once said:
Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; 
everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted.

I think this is one of the important aspect of modern life that has been lost. Success needs to be measured in numbers, but happiness and satisfaction cannot always be measured...

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  1. Vill du vara med och tävla om att bli Veckans Blogg?
    - Vill DU synas vid sidan av bloggen i 1 vecka och bli länkad!? :) - Då har du chansen nu! Anmäl dig och skriv '' jag är med '' Lycka till! :)