17 september 2012

Weekend all week

I'm only studying 75 % at the moment which leaves a lot of time for other stuff like work and friends and lazying around... So the whole week has become a weekend! Doesn't sound too bad... It is when you love have lots on your plate.... I get lazy when I don't have enough to do. I still get exercising every day and do some studying but there is so much idle time. Can't wait for my new unit Leadership in Sustainability lead by non other than Brad Pettitt, Mayor of Fremantle and Peter Newman, local sustainability celebrity! Exciting!

So for my creative project in this new unit I've already started. (maybe I'm not really that lazy...) I've decided to do a nameless petition. Instead of just writing your name on a list I've created an event on Facebook where people can upload a photo inspired by I love cycling together with a phrase on the same theme. These photos will be put together into an album which will be given to the state government to encourage more funding more cycling facilities in Perth, putting cyclists' needs higher on the agenda. Have a look here if you are interested! Feel free to invite as many friends as you want! The more the merrier!

Anyway, here is what my actual weekend has been spent doing:

Working with my brilliant colleagues
 Barman extraodinaire just dipped his face into this:
 I always think cupcakes look so good but I haven't tasted one so far that hasn't been sweet enough to make me want to throw up. This cupcake cake was no exception. Sickenly sweet. Left over (?!) from a 21st.

Newport - The World's Shittiest Nightclub.
 Deary me I'm negative. I just can't take the nightclub scene anymore. Just to mention one reason why: I saw this guy making his into the crowd on the dancefloor feeling and grabbing every ass he could along the way. When he passed behind me I grabbed his hand, which of course was heading towards my badonkadonk, and ask him what the hell he thinks he's doing. He then goes on to very rudely call me a bitch. Excuse me?! How does that make me a bitch?
Victoria and Eines - two beautiful souls that made the night in Newport bearable.
This picture here is why I no longer own rouge. Why would I when I clearly only need to have a sip of wine...

Chilling with the wonderful Reggie
A day at the markets (unusual I know...) with sushi, coffee and the best donuts in the world. No joke!
Followed by a coconut stout and ginger/apple cider at the Monk.

Sunday was a proper spring day, or gorgeous swedish summer day, that unfortunately I spent most of working. I felt like I was melting in the sun and thanks to a **** lady we now have to wear black trousers because she thought our skirts were too short. Lady, it is Perth, it is stupidly hot, let's see if you'd like to run around in black trousers on a 40+ C day?! 
Cooled off with a glass of wine and really good company in the form of Scottish Stanger, urban designer and general life lover.

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