02 september 2012


The Australia Governemnt has approved one of the largest coal mines to be built in close proximity to farmlands, wetlands and World Heritage site the Great Barrier Reef. What the F* right?!
Here are some facts about the mine
  • It's owned by billionaire Gina Reinhart, known climate sceptic and Indian conglomerate GVK
  • It will create a 24 km scar across bushland and farms
  • 30 million tonnes of coal will be produced each year - a huge portion of greenhouse pollution
  • 495 km of rail line would be built in the environmentally significant Caley Vallet Wetlands. I'm all for rail but not for the sole purpose of transporting coal and when it's to be situated in a sensitive area
  • Finally, it will require the construction of a coal terminal at Abbot Point which is located in the Great Barrier Reef and will carry significant impacts on the area and its inhabitants...
Craziness no?

Please send off a quick email to Tony Burke expressing your concerns over this project. As the environmental minister he's here to represent the environment and the people of Australia, not only the mining billionaires...
Email: Tony.Burke.MP@aph.gov.au
Protect the reef

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