30 september 2012

last week

My interest in my blog is rollercoasting just as my mood has been lately. There are so many things to do and I don't what I want... Part of me wants to stay here and finish my degree, (which by the way seems doable by next semester!) another part of me just wants to take the money I've been able to save and just go travelling (Fiji, Galapagos, South Arica, Brazil, you name I'd like to go there!), a third little part of me just wants to settle down somewhere and actually for the first time in over 5 years develop a group of friends, be part of a community, have my own place to decorate and organise a little veggie garden, get a good job etc... So many choices. Sometimes I really don't think a multitude of choices make us any happier, just slightly more confused over what we want...

Less on that note and more on the week that has past! Focus has been on running and avoiding studying pretty much...
Just made it back before the sky opened up...
At least the tree is warm in the stormy weather of
the last week....
Toby and I went to the Hulbert street festival on Hulbert street (obviously) in South Freo. A community event for increased environmental and social awareness. I overloaded on the amazing atmosphere, fantastic food and inspiringly passionate people!

The shock of the week:
Christmas decorations in late September. Really?!

The beauty of the week:
After rain comes sunshine... Not this week, but a double rainbow made up for it. Almost....
Slightly drenched at the Loft with beautiful Gracie
Comme d'habitude Victoria and I went to the Freo markets on Saturday. There is several new stands but this guy was the most exciting one! He makes one of a kind pieces from old Swiss watches, type machines and whatever else he can find. Many of the pieces come from stuff that is more than a hundred years old. I rarely wish I had money for the sole reason of buying something but at this point I did...
F for Fynn <3
 Another cool new stand where they make bags and wallets and whatnot out of old tapes and records...

Apart from all of this I also sold our van, hosted my first couchsurfers and spent a lot of time in the company of friends...
Now: South Beach Run.

18 september 2012

appearances deceive

You don't have to feel well to look it 
You do, however, need to feel well to do well...
I fell asleep feeling very well and woke up feeling very unwell. What happened?!
Well, I can tell you one thing that did not happen today and that was getting any study done!
I did clean the house though! Got my first couchsurfers coming through... Exciting!

Albert Einstein once said:
Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; 
everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted.

I think this is one of the important aspect of modern life that has been lost. Success needs to be measured in numbers, but happiness and satisfaction cannot always be measured...

You Can

Have you ever felt hopeless and powerless in the face of the world's problems? As if your single effort is not going to matter in the big picture? I sure feel that way a lot. However, imagine if all 7 billion of us feel that way. We wouldn't get much done. What you do, the choices you make and what you stand up for makes a difference. You are more important than you think.

17 september 2012

Weekend all week

I'm only studying 75 % at the moment which leaves a lot of time for other stuff like work and friends and lazying around... So the whole week has become a weekend! Doesn't sound too bad... It is when you love have lots on your plate.... I get lazy when I don't have enough to do. I still get exercising every day and do some studying but there is so much idle time. Can't wait for my new unit Leadership in Sustainability lead by non other than Brad Pettitt, Mayor of Fremantle and Peter Newman, local sustainability celebrity! Exciting!

So for my creative project in this new unit I've already started. (maybe I'm not really that lazy...) I've decided to do a nameless petition. Instead of just writing your name on a list I've created an event on Facebook where people can upload a photo inspired by I love cycling together with a phrase on the same theme. These photos will be put together into an album which will be given to the state government to encourage more funding more cycling facilities in Perth, putting cyclists' needs higher on the agenda. Have a look here if you are interested! Feel free to invite as many friends as you want! The more the merrier!

Anyway, here is what my actual weekend has been spent doing:

Working with my brilliant colleagues
 Barman extraodinaire just dipped his face into this:
 I always think cupcakes look so good but I haven't tasted one so far that hasn't been sweet enough to make me want to throw up. This cupcake cake was no exception. Sickenly sweet. Left over (?!) from a 21st.

Newport - The World's Shittiest Nightclub.
 Deary me I'm negative. I just can't take the nightclub scene anymore. Just to mention one reason why: I saw this guy making his into the crowd on the dancefloor feeling and grabbing every ass he could along the way. When he passed behind me I grabbed his hand, which of course was heading towards my badonkadonk, and ask him what the hell he thinks he's doing. He then goes on to very rudely call me a bitch. Excuse me?! How does that make me a bitch?
Victoria and Eines - two beautiful souls that made the night in Newport bearable.
This picture here is why I no longer own rouge. Why would I when I clearly only need to have a sip of wine...

Chilling with the wonderful Reggie
A day at the markets (unusual I know...) with sushi, coffee and the best donuts in the world. No joke!
Followed by a coconut stout and ginger/apple cider at the Monk.

Sunday was a proper spring day, or gorgeous swedish summer day, that unfortunately I spent most of working. I felt like I was melting in the sun and thanks to a **** lady we now have to wear black trousers because she thought our skirts were too short. Lady, it is Perth, it is stupidly hot, let's see if you'd like to run around in black trousers on a 40+ C day?! 
Cooled off with a glass of wine and really good company in the form of Scottish Stanger, urban designer and general life lover.

14 september 2012

Open mic

Oh some brave souls got up on stage last night for their first ever comedy act. Some shone brightly and some simply burned. It was a great and loving atmosphere so I think the conditions were perfect for first-timers!
Before the event Victoria and I made some sushi and drank green tea out of a somewhat interesting tea pot...
Despite being a devoted sushi fan (mostly vegetarian though!) I have never before made it myself so it was an interesting experience. Was not at all as difficult as I had imagined. I do admit they aren't excatly lookers but they were definitely yummy yummy yummy!

13 september 2012

Future technology

I don't believe technology will solve everything but this guy makes a good case for some of it...

A creatures birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Lena becoming a quarter of a century old. Hip hip hurray! (regarding the heading: we were obviously at Creatures...)
I look so tanned! I wish the camera didn't lie....
I've been thinking whether or not I want to keep the blog, I feel like I don't really have time and I've kind of lost my voice a bit. With all my posts on the environmental issues my readers have dropped a bit which is a shame. So I went back and read some of my writing from 2010 and it was so great to be able to go back and practically relive some of the moments. It wasn't the big things that struck me but the everyday stuff, the things you forget, good or bad. So I'll try to find my voice again and continue blogging, even if it is "very 2005"....

04 september 2012


Perth is experiencing cold, rainy and stormy weather, we've even had hail! i.e I don't want to leave the house... Here are two youtube clips that has kept me laughing for a while now!

First out: Crazy cat lady on eharmony

Secondly, not normally a big fan of the Xfactor but this girl is hilarious. She's got lots more on youtube as well!

03 september 2012

Keep on Walking

and I thought to myself oh son
you may be lost in more ways than one
but I've a feeling that it's more fun
than knowing exactly where you are
- Keep on Walking, Passenger

And on a aruguably unrelated note Reggie sent me this photo from last weekend at Bunnings...

02 september 2012


The Australia Governemnt has approved one of the largest coal mines to be built in close proximity to farmlands, wetlands and World Heritage site the Great Barrier Reef. What the F* right?!
Here are some facts about the mine
  • It's owned by billionaire Gina Reinhart, known climate sceptic and Indian conglomerate GVK
  • It will create a 24 km scar across bushland and farms
  • 30 million tonnes of coal will be produced each year - a huge portion of greenhouse pollution
  • 495 km of rail line would be built in the environmentally significant Caley Vallet Wetlands. I'm all for rail but not for the sole purpose of transporting coal and when it's to be situated in a sensitive area
  • Finally, it will require the construction of a coal terminal at Abbot Point which is located in the Great Barrier Reef and will carry significant impacts on the area and its inhabitants...
Craziness no?

Please send off a quick email to Tony Burke expressing your concerns over this project. As the environmental minister he's here to represent the environment and the people of Australia, not only the mining billionaires...
Email: Tony.Burke.MP@aph.gov.au
Protect the reef

01 september 2012

Freo Bike Mash Up

What an epic night! Thanks to the organisers for a really successful mash-up! 400 people showed up in the rain... Well worth it.
 Bit of a grim start but the atmosphere was magic!
 Street performers joined our cycling
 The street ahead is packed with bikes! Exciting! 
Recaliming the streets, didn't get too much abuse from drivers...
 Crêpes served. 
 The wonderful climate change advocate Nick
The lovely Scotsman Blair with a multitude of professions haha
Started as a blank canvas and this was the end product at the last stop of the night. 
What a night! There were awesome DJs in the place, trampolins, crêpes being made, bike speed-dating (turned into just speed-racing..), art being painted and just so many lovely people!