29 september 2010

Student rep

I just went to my first student council meeting as the student respresentative of human rights studies. Very interesting and good free lunch! As a student I've come to appreciate anything that is free, but I have also learned that nothing in life is free. Dilemma...
Either way, we brought up the issue of space in classrooms, not everyone is able to see the projector... So hopefully we'll be able to change room or change the position of the projector.

I need to emphasize again how beautiful the autumn can be, especially when the sun makes a surprise visit...
Outside teologicvm

Our beautiful library dressed in autumn's
wonderful colours!
I inaugurated my find from Linköping today. Black high-waisted calf-long skirt and my oversized knitted jumper that ends at the waist. I also decided that it was time to wear heals again, I have become a bit lazy lately... So my old pink pumps got a walk in the sun...

28 september 2010

Philosophy crap

I've always known that philosophy is not exactly my subject, I like when matters are rather concrete. I have a problem x, I need to solve it with y and woops I have the answer z. Perfect! All of this universalism vs relativism, what is culture crap is too abstract and why, why(!) do they have to write simple things in the most complicated manner possible? As if it is not hard enough to understand already?! No wonder we never get anywhere beyond these abstract levels, fucking write so the common world understands and maybe we'll see some action....
 Queen of wishful thinking.

Louboutin makes me smile in the
darkness of my philosophical mind
(or rather lack of)

27 september 2010

The falling of the leaves

Autumn is officially arriving with colder weather, darkness and a paint brush to colour the leaves; creating beautiful lanscapes to contrast the somber atmosphere.
The library covered in an ensemble of colours

25 september 2010


We continued the evening with making loads of food, a vegetarian lasagne, hamburgers with juniper berries (?) served with rice and Björn's special swedish brown sauce and finished off with apple crumble pie....
Björn and his lovely girlfriend Anna
working hard in the kitchen
Thumbs up!
Apple crumble made of apples from the garden, it was very good! Thank heavens for that, because Fynn fractured his knuckle in the picking process! Don't know how he manages....
Thereafter, we managed to tear the guys from Thibau's Ipad to head over to Hg's where Enrique worked his first shift in the bar.... We're all standing talking with our drinks when I suddenly see someone I think I recognise and two seconds after we shock the place with ear-numbing screeching. BILLIE!! ooooh billie du fattar vad det handlar om!! Sooo random! I'd completely forgot that she was going to study in Linköping... A very nice reunion between two former work colleagues from Trosa.
And the trip is over for this time. I really miss the time we all shared in Paris. I'm glad some of you all aren't too far away and I can assure you there will be a new visit soon!

24 september 2010


Strosing through Linköping we saw the big church.....

Old Linköping...

Love the little house, very picturesque

Traditional swedish phonebooth

Who will fall first?!

It'd be so nice if banks could go back to this size and
you have your little local bank office....
I can recommend to go to Mssoui at Drottninggatan 36, a great second hand shop where the owner gives clothes to local up and coming designers who remakes them. Bit more expensive but they are really nice! And just down the street you have red cross where I found a long skirt for 25 SEK! Also check out Miss Brown close to the big church, some vintage and some from finnish designers...

Dinner time like in the old Parisian times....


Arrgghh, this illness just won't seem to cave! Going through Malmö in a canot probably didn't improve it either but it was very nice!
Mission ignore is not working as I'll have to kick it up a notch because last night Fynn and I took the train to Linköping to see *drumroll* Björn and Enrrrique! They both live and study together here in Linköping, and they also share an apartment with Thibau from France!

Time to go out and discover Lin to the Köping!

21 september 2010


Yesterday I brought Fynn and his man flu to Lund for an UNICEF meeting. I'm guessing everyone kind of knows what unicef is, but just in case it was created after WWII to provide clothes, food and health care to children. In 1953 it became a permanent part of the UN and it now works for children in 190 countries. I'm quite excited about becoming involved, think it'll be very interesting and very awarding. In Sweden they do mostly fundraising but in a few weeks we'll get to go on a field trip to the supply storage in Copenhagen, where they store all the eqiupment and supplies. Exciting!
Audrey Hepburn for Unicef
I just got back from my first dance class at Malmö dansakademi. Decided to try modern jazz this term and first class was good. Danced to Skunk Anansies - Hedonism, just because you feel good. Turn back the time to the 90's and reminiscence!

20 september 2010

SD what the fuck?!

This weekend has been boring, Friday night Fynn and I were feeling sorry for ourselves in the couch, beingboth struck by a cold. Saturday we didn't get much done, I went to work at Wallmans, so stressful and not feeling well didn't improve the matter. Sunday we were a miserable twosome. We attempted a shopping round which included voting and finding a bar that showed the football, Liverpool - Man U (2-3). Firstly, the voting station was closed on the election day... I'm sorry? Am I the only person finding this strange? So after a chat with some other confused voters Fynn and I stalked a man to the City hall so I could vote. I shall comment the result later.
After the success of finding voting station followed a failure (to my surprise but not to my disappointment) by not finding a bar i centre town that showed the premier league! Shocking... So Sunday turned into a snuffle and coughing fest in the flat instead...

I woke up today at 4 am with shock remembering that I had a lecture at 9. I unwillingly set my alarm and tried to go bck to sleep. Grabbing a Metro and stepping on the train I had another shock. The Sweden Democrats are officially in Parliament. A racist party in Parliament in Sweden. How did this happen? This will be four interesting years... The Alliance did not get a majority and has to reach out to another party. They have promised the people to never cooperate with the Sweden Democrats, but that leaves only the opposing parties that in their turn have promised to never cooperate with the Moderates and the Alliance in a whole... Bit of a dilemma I'd say. Interesting to see (I don't see an if here) which party will have to break their promise...

All I have done today...
Working hard or hardly working?
Working hard actually!

17 september 2010

Wind, pills, moussaka.....?

So, the moussaka is in the oven (massive fail I'm guessing), time to reflect on the day... Went for a walk this morning, Malmö offered a little bit of sun but mostly wind. Fynn, being a sailor, loves the wind whereas I just see it as an unnecessary pain, it's cold, it blows up your skirt and it ruins your hair...
Takes you out of the city for a moment
Very picturesque mill, makes you winder about its history.
Now its more widely used as a location for
under-aged drinking....
I feel I need to bring up the issue of birth control measures. I have the pill that supposedly helps against mood swings etc. I mean I'm a very moody person already, I don't need a pill to make it worse. Well, I've been on it a week now and I feel like I'm living on an emotional roller coaster. One second I'm laughing and feel very energetc, like myself really, and the next I want to lock myself in my apartment and cry. For no reason. I can't remember if this is just a introductory phase or if it's going to continue like this? I hope it passes cause I don't want to feel like a crazy hormonal teenager, I've gone through that phase once and I'd prefer to leave it in the past...

To a lighter subject! I had my first seminar today, it revolved around Obama's speech concerning racism in his early campaign, and moved to a very interesting text about "The strange triumph of Human Rights"  by Mazower. It deals with the rise of HR in the period between the two world wars, and claims that it wasn't  actually such asuccess for human rights that it has been glorified to be. It's worth reading if you are interested in history or rights...

I'm going to check on the moussaka now, I went completely off recipe and must say I expect disaster...
As long as you can eat it I'll be happy.

16 september 2010

Made by No One

After a proper study session with Annika, Emelie and Stina from my class we went into town to do some shopping! Yay my money has arrived finally. Stupid thing though... Because I consider myself having an exceptional memory, especially when it comes to numbers I didn't bring my passwords for my CSN bank card. Bad idea Madeleine. Think I got struck by a  small dose of hubris cause do you think I remembered my password? Of course not... Not to my internet bank nor the actual code for my card... But nevermind, at least I have money on it! And I spent some!
My first day in Malmö I decided to take a walk and stumbled upon an adorable little vintage shop called Made by No One. A well stocked shop where the owners, two gorgeous girls, travel Europe and handpick items.
Today I bought this jumper:
Perfect for winter!
If in Malmö you should definitely check this shop out! My clear favourite so far...

15 september 2010

Proper housewife!

We baked cinnamon rolls today and they are t.a.s.t.y!
Mmmm, straight out of the oven


Oh my higher power, that was f*ing delicious! Took some time to make but not at all complicated and perfect for students. 

50 g yeast
125 ml milk
175 ml mashed potato
250 ml flour
Salt, sugar and peppar
A spice, we used thyme

  1. Mix yeast, milk, a pinch of salt and sugar. Leave for 10 min or until a bit of foam has been created.
  2. Mix all ingredients in a bowl to a smooth dough, pour it unto a floury surfice and knead for about 5-10 min.
  3. Put the dough in a big lightly oiled bowl and let it grow for 1-1,5 hours. Perfect study time!
  4. When time is up, knead a little more before baking it out on a baking plate, about 1,5 cm thick.
  5. Put whatever you want on it!
  6. Stick it in the middle of the owen on 200 c for 25 min (we did 30) and bon appétit!
So worth the wait!
Ok, going to wake Fynn up!

14 september 2010

Potato pizza

Outfit of the day! Due to the rain you do not want to see how I looked after cycling to the train station in pissing rain... Hair was already wet from washing, so wasn't too bad, but still; not happy!
Colours aren't being done justice to, but what you are seeing
 is a chiffongy dress from Bikbok and my new 
favourite knitted cardigan from Åhlens...
I finally got my act together and applied for rental allowance! Not that difficult, but as a student so worth it! Hope I get a quick reply with some monies rolling in....
So good to finally have it done!
 Go on money, you know you want to be spent by me!
Met up Fynn, who'll be here for 2,5 weeks, maybe we'll get to find out what a "normal" relationship is like...?
We went food shopping and spent a staggering amount of 750 SEK and that was after a 10% discount check that I had. Malmö is so nice, I've gotten so many discount checks and offers in the mail that I thought I'd died and gone to discount heaven! We bought food for the entire week and hopefully even longer. Loads of basic stuff like flour to bake bread etc. Tonight we've mde a potatopizza with union, sundried tomato and feta cheese. Haven't tasted it yet but if successful will post the recipe!
My man baking away... Don't for a second think 
that just because I'm of the female gender this is my job. 
No no, in Sweden we work with equality so all you men; 
get some flour on those hands and start kneading!
Food time!


It's raining.....

The Tallest Man on Earth - It will follow the rain
Good song to be sitting trying to avoid listening to the rain, knowing that you will soon have to go out and face it...

13 september 2010


As autumn seems to have jumped us, taking me totally by surprise, I felt a bit lost going from summer trends to fall -10. After some research I feel reassured that I'm not completely out of fashion. I can't wait for my long skirt which mum has worked on (why buy one when you have an awesome mother?) I wish I had a sowing machine and could start creating myself!
 I'm glad to have invested in a pair of gloves, not very warm though, so I guess I'll have to get another pair, more functional. I think it's time to start using jeans again so I've decided to stop being lazy in leggings and go jeans hunting, even though it is the worst kind of shopping. Have your thighs and hips ever  felt as big as they do when you try on jeans?! It's female torture.... I think I just changed my mind...
 I'm still struggling with fashion versus environment. Can you be both fashionable and eco-friendly? I believe you can! As long as you shop second-hand, try to stay away from the biggest chains, and perhaps even start sowing some by yourself... I found out that my student society has sowing evenings, perhaps I can get a free ride of their sowing machine?!

Oh CSN please come to me, I promise you don't have to be in my account for long!

Working gal

So I'm back! Finally have internet again. Do not use Tele2 Comviq surf, they only trick you, its all about the money... Capitalism, lets not go there...

I've done my first two shifts at Wallmans in Helsingborg. It's about 45 minutes with train away, but I quite enjoy going by train so that's not a problem. Here are some of my colleagues! The first and certainly not the lasts pictures I will take.
It's an interesting concept of performing artists waitressing, it's a very personal service. I enjoy it, I'd quite like to go one day myself, even if it is Schlager. As usual the restaurant business is all about fucking. Don't know how many times I heard sex during the weekend. One thing that surprised me was that they always make a vegetarian course, which I have never experienced before at a workplace. So happy!

I have a question. Not very interesting but it just beats me. What the hell does girls do in the toilet for 10 minutes? I mean I go in, I pee, I look in the mirror and I get out. 5 minutes top! I can understand if they do number two, but honestly, how many girls do nr 2 in a public toilet? Well, admit to doing it anyway... The girl who went in before me definitely did nr 2, but still, in general us girls take forever in the toilet, what do you do?! No wonder why ther's always such a line to the ladies... We should learn form men, get in get out.

Don't miss Robyn's new album! Body talk pt. 2 is out now on Spotify! I'm listening, I'm liking...

I'm finally getting my CSN in a few days! Bout time, my shopping desire is burning in my fingers and with 300 SEK (30 euros) in my bank account, I can barely afford to buy food, I think my slim budget has been the reason to my weight drop (involuntarily to be added!)... I can't wait to go to Made by No One, in Malmö and investigate...

09 september 2010


Now that I finally have an ironing board I could inaugurate my skirt from London (march!). I love it!
Love the pockets! The top is from United Colors of Benetton, the most comfortable basic top I've owned!
Well worth the money for the quality!
Been at school all day. Philosophy... Too much flum for me, I think it's very interesting but it's just difficult for me. I'm not used to finding a subject this hard and I'm stressing so much about it that my right eye lid has developed a twitch! So annoying. Time to breathe and just trust that I'll get it to stick eventually.

We had a kick-off with the course today, I man from Kenya told us his amazing and quite frightening story about undercover work to gather a case in the international court against a war criminal. He nearly lost his life in the process and out of the original seven involved only two survived. He didn't regret one second of it though. Thereafter, they showed a film called White as Blood (own transl) about a woman of Afrikaan roots returning to South Africa struggling with the guilt of her grand parents who were involved in the Apartheid. An interesting take, where you go past the general history and straight into a family, feels closer and more concrete. An enjoyable film followed by food and mingeling.
Lecture at 8 am tomorrow and first day at my new job! Exciting!
Good night

08 september 2010


I killed a spider yesterday. I didn't vacuum it, I killed it with my bare hands. A big (size of my pinkie finger nail) black spider that decided to take the lethal passage in the valley of my bed and the wall, big mistake my friend! This is a big event as this is the first spider I have killed without completely freaking out and crying. No tears were shed, no screaming was let out. I handled it like a man. A gay man... But I handled it! R.I.P underneath the paper bag you creature of earth.
Pretty fucking scary, no?!
I have also found another person with a phobia for ants! About time, thought I was the only one... Annika, my dear Sthlm girl never entered a forest for two years because of her fear. I feel better now, knowing that I'm not completely insane. Thank you!

07 september 2010

Part of me

I miss dancing. So terribly. Dancing is a creative outlet that lets you portray your feelings. When I have my mood swings (oh yes, my mood can be a roller coaster), and I feel a little down, dancing makes me feel better; even for just a moment it eases the pain and nothing exists except for you and the music... I remember when I was is primary school and me and the girls were making up routines to Spice Girls, I was Sporty Spice! My biggest with at that time was to be able to do a back flip... We used to force one of the guys in our class to join us if there was a male singer in the song. He was taught the regular step... The 'step out, step together, step out, step together', remember? I think we've all done it as some point! After five years of watching us perform in front of the class our teacher had had enough and she limited the number of performances one person was allowed to make. It was devastating. Haha, good times. How about all the times we've stood in front of the mirror in our rooms and danced. Mum caught me once in year 8 trying to learn one of the 'sexy' dance moves that were originating in the music videos. She pointed and laughed. Thanks mum. I didn't do it again. Well, I did, but I made sure to close the blinds!
Another great memory is when I battled Dani at the European Championships, didn't hold back and it was hilarious. We rocked it! Oh and in G-burg, at the "culture party", me and Barry made our own dance floor at the square outside Saluhallen, where a jazz band were playing. West coast, east coast, we danced it all! Correction. Tried to dance it all... In wellingtons on cobble stones, not the easiest thing in the world! We caught a crowd though and received standing ovation! Gosh, I miss dancing.

I watched Step up 3D and yes the story is thin and whatever criticism you want to say about the film BUT the dancing is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Check it out if you haven't already!

"The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word." 
~Mata Hari

Read read read

I have read from 8 am to now with hardly any breaks. May I throw you at the wall Mr Orend?
 I'm going out for a run.

06 september 2010

"Sittning" and work

Saturday all of us "novischer", who are new at Lund Uni, had a big dinner at one of the societies in Lund. Lots of singing, drinking and talking! Food wasn't that great but the alcohol was the better, and best was probably the alcohol intake! I behaved quite well, I'm going to have to practice drinking if I'm to survive in the student life! This is just not up to standards... Although! It is very cheap and that's something you don't turn down as a student! And the hang over is about as desirable as herpes. I keep saying it, I'm getting old...
The night in images
They say 'never discuss politics at a party' but that's what Marcus (blondie) and I did for a more-part of the night and it went really well. Considering then that I am middle-right and he is left the discussion was very interesting and rather successful, we just concluded that it's very difficult to solve all the problems for everyone. Someone is always left behind... Just to be clear, I might be 'swedish right' but this is in general pretty left still, compared to nations like the US.

Today I went to Helsingborg to become introduced to my new job at Wallmans dinnershow. Seems quite interesting, working three-course dinners with a dinnershow, I'll be wearing tight white jeans, a colourful shirt and gold sneakers. My sense of fashion almost had a heart-attack! I think I'll have loads of fun despite the outfit or even together with it. First night on Friday so wish me luck!

I have to continue studying now. I forgot how to study, but it's slowly coming back to me. It would be nice if my study skills could find my concentration also, it seems to go for wanders every 15 minutes....

03 september 2010

Thrilling news!

Before I say anything else I want to share with everyone a wonderful news that has had me crying for the last 10 minutes! My lovely cousin Jemma is engaged! Adorable Mr Jethro asked her last tuesday, on a boat in Central Park, New York. Soo romantic! CONGRATULATIONS!

So before this exciting announcement I have attended my second lecture, one that I was late to. I told you, never trust the trains with SJ, you can bet your life that they'll be late! And I had 20 minutes of "safety" in case of delay... Didn't do me much... I did have the best start though. Hotel breakfast! Is there any better type of breakfast? Doubt it! 
A few days ago I found my old skirt I bought at Ester's in Eskilstuna years ago. Thought about giving it away but I think pure laziness kept me from it and it goes to show that you shouldn't throw things away because it will be back in fashion a few years later... Knee-long skirt matched with my favourite top from a second-hand shop in Marais, Paris and a key neckless also from Paris, a market in Clignancourt, not to be missed if ever in the fashion capital!

Randomness! I met Claire, an old exchange student from Canada in Lund! Today! We looked at each other a few times, she was standing with UNICEF and gave me a paper and I just had to ask. Her Swedish is amazing! I have a feeling that Lund will carry great things.........

After class and some event for new students I went home (train was late, surprise...), did some cleaning, went to Astrid och aporna (Gustav Möllers gata 2, Malmö) a fully ecological, vegetarian and fair trade food shop and did my grocery shopping. It's not massively cheap, but it's good quality products and certain things like Goji berries are really not that expensive. Best thing is that you walk away with a clear conscience. I made falafel, rice and fried vegetables today, so good! An excessive amount of olive oil and just a press of lemon juice and the veggies tastes like heaven...

I'm now sitting in my cosy reading chair with my newest purchase, an oversize cardigan! So much talk about the oversize jumpers and
cardigans and whatever you can find... Not massively keen on the trend but I'm converting. Sitting with my cosy cardigan on now I cannot say anything but I love it! 

Have a good night people!


What a day! I'm almost out of words! But just almost....
Had my first lecture today with Lena Halldenius, docent in HR (human rights). Very basic and easy to understand, made me really excited to learn more and explore this subject deeper. I definitely feel I chose the right program. Quite a philosophic beginning, as well as the history of human rights.
Article 1:
All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

It's quite a bold statement that we all possess a sense of reason and conscience. It is not as straight forward as it may seem... I will not bore you with this though! On to the afternoon activities!
First lunch with Patrick Westöö who I met in Australia first, two years later at my graduation and 2 years later at lunch in Lund. Seemed like yesterday! Times does go fast....
I went on to meet my classmates and other students to have a bit of a competition/game. We got a mission to complete, several questions and tasks. Ran around Lund all evening, took a swim in a fountain, climbed a statue in the square and harassed a number of university staff. Loads of fun! We finished with a relay-race where we had a piece of sweets attached to a string hanging off our hips and should swing it into our mouth, easier said than done! We managed to come second place... Not completely satisfied. But we did really well and very pleased with all the people I met! My group, the red team, group 3 was the best team!!
Vi är stora, vi är röda, 
dom andra lagen, dom är körda!
tre, tre, tre!!

Mum and Sven drove here, 600 k's, from Eskilstuna, arrived quite late cause of traffic. I now have a light in the ceiling! Wohoo, I can see! And guess what I saw?! Here's the story... When I moved in I had two free riders in one of the boxes. I (very proud) managed to pull the box outside the door to give the two little (by little I mean massive!) black, 8-legged creatures a chance to crawl out into survival. When Fynn came he discovered that the little devils had gotten the message and crawled back to the hell-hole they came from. Until.....! Yes, indeed. Tonight. Found one on the ceiling and not to be surprised the other one was not far away. They were again transported out of the apartment, squashed under a shoe. Muhahahah! Don't mess with the arachnophobic........

I shall go to bed in my seemingly spider-proof flat, night!

01 september 2010

Tea and biscuits

Sitting in my new old armchair drinking green tea and munching on biscuits. Feels very English...Just finished reading some texts for tomorrow, by Willy Strzelewicz (try pronouncing that one!). Very interesting, looking forward to tomorrow's lecture.

Oh and I joined Sydskånskan, which is known for their many music clubs and events. I'm quite excited about music quiz and the bar Retroar, which is as the name suggests, Retro.

It's easy to feel a little lost in the beginning, there is so much to figure out and organise but I'm seeing the light in the tunnel and it's blinding!


Time to choose which "nation" (society) I will belong to during the term, will it be Göteborgs, Lunds, Malmös, Östgötas etc? They are all named after cities or areas in Sweden. I'm meeting Annika from my course soon to visit some of them and eventually sign up. I heard so far that Göteborg and Malmö nations are supposedly a bit more posh, literally people have told me they're mostly brats. Don't give much for brats. It might be a life-changing decision so you have to be informed! Actually, you are allowed to go to any nations parties, so really you only have to give it a little bit of thought if you plan on getting involved in administration, planning etc. which I might... Therefore a smaller nation is probably better... We'll see at the end of the day where I'm at!
Yes I'm a poser, aren't we all?

A students best friend...

Technically I have not yet started my actual studies I just now that I will be drinking this to a great extent. Let me introduce my future partner in crime:
I do love Ica's eco coffee! It might just be the best coffee ever!

My coffee-maker is making me a bit nervous, it always sounds like an earthquake when it gets going. First time I swear I was sure someone was trying to drill their way into my apartment! I'm just waiting for the day it explodes... Until then I shall enjoy my deliciously fantastic coffee...