31 augusti 2010

In trouble?

Fresher's week so everything is a bit hectic. Today Fynn and I first picked up my newly arrived books, Human Rights, so excited, just want to sit down and read them now! Had a massive nice lunch and I stated once more that Fynn's hat is a girls hat and a fashion crime although probably very functional when skippering in Greece (I hope he won't read this before he's left =P)
Very cute though =)
Back to Paris; freshly baked bread, apricot marmalade and especially Saint Albray cheese which was a must! It should be Bonne Maman marmalade though, but Gamla Gårn or whatever will have to do. Very good!

In the afternoon we explored Lund a bit furthered, such a pictoresque town, the centre is quite old and the student life is everywhere! I went on to a barbeque, games and new people, I have a good feeling about this autumn! 

Early morning tomorrow so enjoy your night!

30 augusti 2010


As the title clearly states I had my first day of introduction today at the University of Lund. I seem to have good classmates, all ages, mostly girls. No surprise there. I'm very excited about the subject after this session! Three terms of Human Rights, what it is, how it developed, history, politics, economics a bit of everything! Term four we get to study a related subject somewhere in the world, term five internship and term six a dissertation or thesis, however you say.

Now I'm going to be sociable and cosy with my sweets =)

29 augusti 2010

Quick update!

Getting ready to go meet Becci-boo and Fynn, chose to bring out my grandmothers dress from late 60's and match it with a pair of pumps I bought in Myrorna in G-burg. The store has really shaped up, four floors all worth a visit!

Gotta go and do my hair, uh oh I'll be late!

28 augusti 2010

On the rails to Malmö

Currently writing from the rails, I think I could make a fortune of gambling on the on-time rate of SJ trains, lateness is the safest bet you could place. A train on time in Sweden is about as likely as winning 10 millions on the lottery, it happens but it's extremely lucky. I'm not as bitter as I might sound, but waiting in the cold (autumn has arrived like one of those annoying people who sneaks up on you from behind and pinches you in the waist, surprising and painful) is never a wishful event. I normally don't mind late trains cause I quite enjoy it, you can get a lot done on a train (unless you have these hyperactive little rugrats who live off trying to make your train ride as miserable as possible), reading, blogging, relaxing, thinking etc etc. I forgot to take my motion sickness pill so my thoughts are mostly trying to deal with my stomach... Moving, I always get side-tracked...

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Eskilstuna (let's hope not) don't miss Ester's second-hand shop on Stenkvistavägen 6, opposite 7/11. She has loads of dresses, jackets, shoes, hats, bags, skirts anything you'd want, good quality, not too crowded at good prices!
I bought this last time I was there:
80's! Hanger doesn't do it justice!

I wish I could direct you to more nice places but honestly, not much to see... It's Nybrogatan possibly with restaurants and clubs, not too bad, nothing memorable though. Oh and if you like ice-cream Slagsta Glass is worth a visit, with the legendary owner Mr Racemouse Johansson!
All you metrosexuals might want to visit Ego on Kungsgatan, in the centre...

I better stop writing before I throw up on the keyboard...
Can't wait to see my babyboo Becca tonight, about f*ing time!
Tomorrow my sweets gets in from two weeks skippering in Greece, very excited!

Have a great saturday night, don't get too wasted and don't do anything I wouldn't! (which doesn't exclude much but you get the point)


Today I have accomplished little. I hate packing. Who doesn't? At least I'm nearly done... I didn't get to the tailor's though which I regret now, I really should be able to stand up for myself and my rights. I should not have to pay for professionals ruining a dress, I could have ruined it all on my own for free... And I didn't go to the fabric shop... I'm so lazy! The last few days my mood has just not been a star at the top of a christmas tree but we all have our dips don't we? The important thing is to know how to get out of them. I know exercise, a walk, meeting friends helps me yet all I want to do is shut the door in everyones face including my own. Luckily I also know it ends in a few days so if I can't get out of my bad mood myself time will do the job. Pms? Possibly...

Later this afternoon I met up with Carl whom I've known quite a few years now. He's a great guy, very interesting, smart and fun. We made a salad and baked a cake. Haven't baked in ages, it was rather fun and tasted great!
Calle in his wonderful apron!
We watched the last film of the Twilight saga and it s.u.c.k.e.d. Overly dramatic perhaps but come on! A cow could act better than Kristen Stewart, at least have more facial expressions. She's so pathetic, I really don't see what the two boys are fighting over? Makes you wonder what attracts men to women... What makes us fall in love with someone? Personally I don't think there is an answer to the question... 

Bon nuit tout le monde

27 augusti 2010

And another one...

So, I know I said before that blogging was a Paris thing, now in the past like the amazing time in spring-paradise. Well, I changed my mind. I quite enjoy having a blog. It's a fun way to share my thoughts, my experiences and my feelings. My objects with this blog is to get to know Malmö and student-life in Lund, develop my prospects of becoming more environmentally aware and reduce my urge to shop, or maybe at least shop in an aware manner... 

Now I must go to bed and prepare for a day of packing, going back to the tailor to complain about a work I could've done better myself (and I don't sow well, just ask my grade nine textile teacher...) and buying fabric for my mum to help me make a skirt! I'll show you if it turns out well...

Tomorrow folks!