28 augusti 2010

On the rails to Malmö

Currently writing from the rails, I think I could make a fortune of gambling on the on-time rate of SJ trains, lateness is the safest bet you could place. A train on time in Sweden is about as likely as winning 10 millions on the lottery, it happens but it's extremely lucky. I'm not as bitter as I might sound, but waiting in the cold (autumn has arrived like one of those annoying people who sneaks up on you from behind and pinches you in the waist, surprising and painful) is never a wishful event. I normally don't mind late trains cause I quite enjoy it, you can get a lot done on a train (unless you have these hyperactive little rugrats who live off trying to make your train ride as miserable as possible), reading, blogging, relaxing, thinking etc etc. I forgot to take my motion sickness pill so my thoughts are mostly trying to deal with my stomach... Moving, I always get side-tracked...

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Eskilstuna (let's hope not) don't miss Ester's second-hand shop on Stenkvistavägen 6, opposite 7/11. She has loads of dresses, jackets, shoes, hats, bags, skirts anything you'd want, good quality, not too crowded at good prices!
I bought this last time I was there:
80's! Hanger doesn't do it justice!

I wish I could direct you to more nice places but honestly, not much to see... It's Nybrogatan possibly with restaurants and clubs, not too bad, nothing memorable though. Oh and if you like ice-cream Slagsta Glass is worth a visit, with the legendary owner Mr Racemouse Johansson!
All you metrosexuals might want to visit Ego on Kungsgatan, in the centre...

I better stop writing before I throw up on the keyboard...
Can't wait to see my babyboo Becca tonight, about f*ing time!
Tomorrow my sweets gets in from two weeks skippering in Greece, very excited!

Have a great saturday night, don't get too wasted and don't do anything I wouldn't! (which doesn't exclude much but you get the point)

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