28 augusti 2010


Today I have accomplished little. I hate packing. Who doesn't? At least I'm nearly done... I didn't get to the tailor's though which I regret now, I really should be able to stand up for myself and my rights. I should not have to pay for professionals ruining a dress, I could have ruined it all on my own for free... And I didn't go to the fabric shop... I'm so lazy! The last few days my mood has just not been a star at the top of a christmas tree but we all have our dips don't we? The important thing is to know how to get out of them. I know exercise, a walk, meeting friends helps me yet all I want to do is shut the door in everyones face including my own. Luckily I also know it ends in a few days so if I can't get out of my bad mood myself time will do the job. Pms? Possibly...

Later this afternoon I met up with Carl whom I've known quite a few years now. He's a great guy, very interesting, smart and fun. We made a salad and baked a cake. Haven't baked in ages, it was rather fun and tasted great!
Calle in his wonderful apron!
We watched the last film of the Twilight saga and it s.u.c.k.e.d. Overly dramatic perhaps but come on! A cow could act better than Kristen Stewart, at least have more facial expressions. She's so pathetic, I really don't see what the two boys are fighting over? Makes you wonder what attracts men to women... What makes us fall in love with someone? Personally I don't think there is an answer to the question... 

Bon nuit tout le monde

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