31 augusti 2010

In trouble?

Fresher's week so everything is a bit hectic. Today Fynn and I first picked up my newly arrived books, Human Rights, so excited, just want to sit down and read them now! Had a massive nice lunch and I stated once more that Fynn's hat is a girls hat and a fashion crime although probably very functional when skippering in Greece (I hope he won't read this before he's left =P)
Very cute though =)
Back to Paris; freshly baked bread, apricot marmalade and especially Saint Albray cheese which was a must! It should be Bonne Maman marmalade though, but Gamla Gårn or whatever will have to do. Very good!

In the afternoon we explored Lund a bit furthered, such a pictoresque town, the centre is quite old and the student life is everywhere! I went on to a barbeque, games and new people, I have a good feeling about this autumn! 

Early morning tomorrow so enjoy your night!

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