24 juli 2012

Photo rain from Exmouth

 Fynn got to swim with this turtle for a good five minutes! Lucky boy, poor turtle....
 Turqoise Bay. Beautiful place where you can enjoy a drift snorkel, beware of currents though! 
On our last snorkel here we got to see a turtle, a really cool octopus that blended in with the environment and I finally got to see my shark! Beautiful 1.5 m white tip reef shark. My initial reaction was to swim in the other direction whereas Fynn went after it...
 More from the Whaleshark tour
 A nine metre giant fish
I wish this was me....
And then my camera broke and Fynns decided to disappear....

22 juli 2012

Sea Breeze Resort

Two weeks of working in housekeeping, tough work I can't wait to go back to uni! These little cuties came by work every day for a little sip of water...

09 juli 2012

Gorgeous Gorge

A three km walk called Mandu Mandu, only for experienced walkers... Well, I have about 23 years of experience so I reckoned I'd be fine!
 Pretty good views...
A nice walk with good views and a bit of scrambling. I wouldn't have wanted to do it in 50 degrees though! Glad that wintertime means around 25... Can't complain really!

08 juli 2012

The biggest shark on the planet

....the Whaleshark! Completely harmless and simply so awesome! 

We went with Kings tour because they were highly recommended and had the biggest most comfortable boat.

 Getting our instructions and information about how to swim with the whaleshark without disturbing it.
You are only allowed to be within three metres (which is close enough I tell you!) and never allowed to impede its path.

 Ready, set, go go go!
 You can see the grey shape in the water, it's so big compared to us!
We swam with three different sharks ranging between 5 and 9 metres long... It's just such an amazing experience! I couldn't really take it in, it felt completely unreal!
 By lunch time we were all exhausted after trying to keep up with these giants! 

Not only did we get to see and swim with whalesharks but we also got to see a humpback whale and her baby....
 ...as well as dolphins playing and plenty of fish and stingrays...

 What a brilliant day! Worth every penny!

07 juli 2012


And we're off! Well, we actually left nearly three weeks ago now... Here's an image update:

First night

The Pinnacles


Our little buddy in Port Denison


Shark Bay and Monkey Mia
The dolphins in Monkey Mia. They come for a bit of breakfast every day. It's fantastic! They're such beautiful animals! 

Camping in Carnarvon

Fynn caring for his love
Everything out to dry after a damp night...
Coral Bay
Love the hair!
Beautiful sunset before leaving

Where we are now.
We were lucky enough to land jobs as money was running out quickly, Australia is so bloody expensive!

Our local emus and they have emu-babies!

Snorkelling, whale sharks and work coming up!