07 juli 2012


And we're off! Well, we actually left nearly three weeks ago now... Here's an image update:

First night

The Pinnacles


Our little buddy in Port Denison


Shark Bay and Monkey Mia
The dolphins in Monkey Mia. They come for a bit of breakfast every day. It's fantastic! They're such beautiful animals! 

Camping in Carnarvon

Fynn caring for his love
Everything out to dry after a damp night...
Coral Bay
Love the hair!
Beautiful sunset before leaving

Where we are now.
We were lucky enough to land jobs as money was running out quickly, Australia is so bloody expensive!

Our local emus and they have emu-babies!

Snorkelling, whale sharks and work coming up!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Åh vad fina bilder, jättekul att se! När åker du tillbaka till Sverige?

  2. hej!! Jag kommer nog tillbaka i januari. missar tyvarr marsaille =( Men vi kan aka och halsa pa Cassandra tillsammans =) Hur har du det?

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