01 september 2010


Time to choose which "nation" (society) I will belong to during the term, will it be Göteborgs, Lunds, Malmös, Östgötas etc? They are all named after cities or areas in Sweden. I'm meeting Annika from my course soon to visit some of them and eventually sign up. I heard so far that Göteborg and Malmö nations are supposedly a bit more posh, literally people have told me they're mostly brats. Don't give much for brats. It might be a life-changing decision so you have to be informed! Actually, you are allowed to go to any nations parties, so really you only have to give it a little bit of thought if you plan on getting involved in administration, planning etc. which I might... Therefore a smaller nation is probably better... We'll see at the end of the day where I'm at!
Yes I'm a poser, aren't we all?

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